Cause of the tragedy in a small aircraft and the necessary conclusions
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Cause of the tragedy in a small aircraft and the necessary conclusions

Cause of the tragedy in a small aircraft and the necessary conclusions


It took quite a bit of time with the tragic plane crash on the Istra reservoir, which killed 9 people, and, according to experts, the tragedy was entirely predictable, and it is guilty of none other than the light-engine aircraft pilot Cessna 206Which in fact did not even have the right to operate seaplane. It would seem that the authorities must immediately respond to the flagrant offense resulting in death, but in spite of that, nothing, in fact, has not been done, except for the fact that a number of politicians proposed to tighten the rules for small aircraft, but, in all probability the story was finished.



Just the day before, the situation is almost completely repeated, but this time, it turns out at the moment causes in the waters of picturesque coves, helicopter Robinson R44 sank, literally falling into the water during the flight. Nevertheless, the pilot and passengers of the light helicopter managed to avoid the tragic fate, and even more than that, none of the people were injured. In the course of the investigation, literally a few hours later, it became known that once again the human factor was to blame for everything - for unknown reasons, the owner of the helicopter knew that an unknown person had deliberately damaged the aircraft, but did not take any appropriate measures to in order to check the normal operation of all the main components and systems of the helicopter. Nevertheless, this version is now being worked out, and experts do not exclude that it is quite possible that the error was made by the pilot of the helicopter itself, who had insufficient qualifications.



Such circumstances in 90% of cases are the causes of the accidents, including human casualties, and only the cases mentioned here are nothing more than particular examples. In fact, in order to avoid any unfortunate consequences with private air transport, the government is obliged to develop a whole package of measures aimed at tightening the rules of small-scale aviation. Nevertheless, many believe that fines will not change anything, and therefore, it is necessary to be guided by much stricter regulations, in particular, to criminalize any air accident or violation that could lead to it. Among other things, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the punishment must be borne not only by the pilot himself, but also by the owner of the aircraft, which could simply ignore the rules and technical regulations, for example, did not provide timely maintenance of air equipment, etc.



An exceptionally tough approach to the regulation of rules in small aircraft will avoid the vast majority of the tragic consequences that exist today.


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All the nuts are so screwed up that nothing turns. The country needs small aircraft as air. With such expanses people rush to the car on overloaded roads and beat thousands in haste and late. There are regions that simply come to desolation without air transport. What we have? The complete absence of their domestic aircraft ANI and the corresponding infrastructure. Enthusiasts fly on foreign BU and self-made things. And we're thinking, how else can we ban something ?! The plane and the helicopter are the same sign of a high standard of living, like a smartphone, the Internet, good homes and shops, cars and roads. Young people expect new bright impressions from life. Aviation is the road to the future! Is it better to develop and maintain ?!