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We buy new combat experience in Syria?

We buy new combat experience in Syria?


After the wave subsided perplexity and indignation over downed in Syria our bomber, I come, I think, time to calmly analyze the situation around our group videoconferencing.

Initially, our bases are located on the coast. The infrastructure of any modern combat airfield is quite complicated. Probably, preparations for the reception of Russian attack planes and bombers were conducted for a long time. To ensure the flights of combat aircraft of this class, in addition to logistics, the CBU (center of command control) needs all the operational information. Accordingly, you need radar tracking. Or, simply, radar. Let's assume that all this was at a civil aerodrome or was provided during the preparation for the arrival of aircraft.

It is necessary to know that the plane is charged

not only with kerosene and ammunition.

For flight refueling aircraft needed oxygen

air, nitrogen, alcohol, or alcohol-water mixture.

Before and after departure, the aircraft must be provided with loading and taking readings of objective control equipment. The group must have a battery-charging station and a nitrogen-oxygen station at its disposal. There should be an aviation equipment service responsible for flight equipment and rescue equipment. Hangars and storage facilities for fuel, ammunition, component parts. There should be a repair base, heat and power unit (technical and operational part). Regardless of whether the plane is flying or standing on the ground, after a certain time (flight or parking), it must undergo routine maintenance (RR). And, of course, any military airfield has a search and rescue service. I don’t think that all this happened at a civil airfield.

From the above it is clear that the military airfield - is a complex combat system of a plurality of interconnected structures and units. And preparing to receive the shock of combat group has done a thorough and not a single day or even a week.

Number of bombers and ground-attack for a long time and was clearly indicated FORCE. Probably, given the inability to attack air defense air defense of our forces are not given sufficient attention. How to protect the airfield? Like what forces carried out air patrols the territory adjacent to the base? Why did not raise any "Crocodile" (Mi-24), To accompany the group PSA. After all Mi-8Especially in the search, we are very vulnerable on the ground, nearly all types of small arms. With this, our pilots have encountered in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Once again the same mistake?

Believing that our aircraft in the Syrian sky quite some ground-attack planes and bombers went on missions without fighter escort. Of course, the situation with the attack of the Turkish fighter hardly anyone could have predicted, but nonetheless. War Zone.

Of course, now grouping stepped up, and now, no fly will not fly, but before that? Spared a complex C-400, or did not see the opponents?

And in conclusion.

It seemed to me very strange that the rate of occurrence in the network, and the video quality, the fall of the burning Su and two parachutes. Filming is not a camera phone.

Some nedorabotannost, ill-conceived action from our side through this whole situation. This error or Russian "maybe"? We are beginning to re-learn so quickly forgotten the recent combat experience? I hope no.


Valery Smirnov for

Valery Smirnov

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