The problem of import substitution in the domestic aviation industry.
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The problem of import substitution in the domestic aircraft industry

The problem of import substitution in the domestic aircraft industry

Domestic aircraft industry began to develop not so long ago, while the technical capabilities, the availability of the necessary personnel, and also, what is no less important, material resources served as an important impetus to this. Nevertheless, it is impossible to call the civil aviation industry intensively developing, unfortunately, at the moment, because, in essence, only the first steps are being taken in this direction, however, the first results of work in this area are already quite characteristic: domestic passenger aircraft SJS-100, Which are interested in the supply of very many airlines, as well as planned for release in the near future MS-21Which can become virtually equivalent replacement costly airliners from Airbus, Bombardier and Boeing.

At the moment there are many different problems arising from one important circumstance - despite the fact that the designed aircraft are manufactured in Russia, some of the important components come from abroad, and here the same company, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, and a number of other domestic aircraft manufacturers are subject to serious risks, which is currently observed.

Initially, it may seem rather silly to use foreign components for the production of domestic aircraft, however, experts argue that at first this is caused by a weighty necessity, since in the case of creating its own production, this can be a very expensive process, and later, when the production of aircraft is delivered for the flow, components begin to be produced either on their own, or ordered from various companies located directly in the country s. Nevertheless, in spite of the leading international trends, Russian aircraft manufacturers are conducting a completely different way of production, until, ultimately, they find themselves in a very difficult situation. Of course, not all components for airplanes can be produced in the country, however, given the fact that relations between Europe and the USA have always been very cool for Russia, why domestic manufacturers cannot conclude more lucrative contracts with China, which has Is the electronics industry well developed at actually low prices, or India?

According to some data available to the resource, domestic aircraft manufacturers overpay several times for those components, the production of which can be set up in the country in just a few months, in particular, means hydraulic systems, elements of landing gear, etc. For the production of the same hydraulic systems, one should only debug the production process, and there is no need to try to invent something new, especially when the availability of engineering personnel and specialists in the state is large enough.

According to experts, in the near future it is imperative to start production of our own components for the domestic aircraft industry, while it is possible that in such a situation it will be possible not only to significantly save on the production of airplanes and other aircraft, but also to make them more reliable operating safety plan. The plan for the creation of import-substituting products for the domestic aircraft industry, literally consists of several points, but quite lucidly demonstrates the process of organizing production:

  • Determination of the composition and the number of components required for manufacture of the aircraft;
  • Creating a skilled individual samples with their subsequent testing for suitability;
  • Creation of the technological process, taking into account the needs;
  • Setting up the production.

Of course, in all of this can be their own nuances, however, by skilled approach, aircraft production cost can be reduced by 5-10%, which naturally express an interest among potential customers.

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