Read news Russian aircraft 2015
Read news Russian aircraft 2015

Read news Russian aircraft 2015


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Over the years, the Russian fleet has changed significantly for the better. But as they say the news Russian aircraft 2015 years, many air machines, which are now in operation, will no longer apply.

It has been repeatedly said that many airplane models will not be used in the near future. And planes of regional lines require almost complete replacement. Experts argue that before the year 2020, air transportation opportunities will be halved, despite the fact that the demand, on the contrary, will grow strongly (by 90%). It is for this reason that airlines need to update and increase their fleet. This need affects both mainline and passenger aircraft. And this is far from all the events that are to be experienced, which is why everyone is so interested in the news of the Russian aviation 2015.

According to experts the most popular in 2015 year will benefit from single-aisle jet machines, which are designed for the transportation of up to 70 200 passengers. In number they will take 60% of the market, but at a cost - 50%.

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With regard to the needs of the airlines in our country in general, the need for passenger planes is about 6% of the capacity of the world market.

Russian Air Force in 2015, the planned organization of the next large-scale command and staff exercise, which will include air defense and air force. News Aviation in Russia 2015 year a closer look at this important event. Bilateral exercises will be aimed at improving professional skills and knowledge. Also will be evaluated readiness of aviation.

Already, the company is actively working on the creation of new aircrafts for various applications: drums, intelligence, targeting tools and shock relay control signals. In the near future with the improvement of the Air Force and its transition to a new image of the proportion of unmanned aircraft systems can grow up to 40% of the total number of combat aircraft.

It is worth recalling that the current state of the technical side of aviation in Russia can effectively solve the problem of the government and to quickly respond to possible threats of the modern world.

Of course, the development of aviation depends on the economic and military-political conditions, the results of reforming the Armed Forces and the aircraft industry.

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