Sale of shares of Asiana Airlines. The desire to progress or regress?
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Sale of shares of Asiana Airlines. The desire to progress or regress?

Sale of shares of Asiana Airlines. The desire to progress or regress?


The South Korean company Hoben Construction (Hoban Construction) bid in 600 slightly billion KRW, which is more than half a billion dollars, bought a controlling stake from the national carrier "Asiana Airlines"And at the moment the airline staff suggest that the rate of development of the air carrier may change dramatically.



The reason for the change of the vector of development can serve as a very high cost of the proposed corporation, which clearly highlights the interest in the fate of Hoben Construction airline. Some experts suggest that in the near future flights shedule «Asiana Airlines» can go both on the path of progress and regress on the way, and, for one, and for the second case there is plenty of factors.

Experts say that by the end of this year, the airline «Asiana Airlines» may increase the number of routes on 10-12%, in particular as regards international flights to neighboring countries, and Russia in this case will be no exception. The company is very promising because the correct approach to the development, can bring big profits to its shareholders.



However, there is also an opinion on recourse carrier, which consists primarily in a possible agreement between the company Hoben Construction and other air carriers in South Korea, as the earlier manifestations of interest in the airline from Hoben Construction did not manifest itself, but at the moment the leadership laid out a colossal sum.

Importantly, Hoben Construction bought a controlling stake «Asiana Airlines» at a price of 1.5 times the offer of other stakeholders, practically showing that the remaining bidders have no chance.

Thus, owning a controlling stake, Hoben Construction could decide the fate of the South Korean flag carrier, but given the fact that the early development of the airline «Asiana Airlines» seriously hampered, most of all, and this is also the opinion of experts, the carrier is to be elected the path of progress, and the first steps towards this will be noted by the end of this year.


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