Design and construction of helipads
Design and construction of helipads

Design and construction of helipads


In recent years a helipad is not an element of luxury of very rich people, but rather a design element territories near houses. Not everybody can afford a helicopter purchase and the construction site for its content, but still every year there are new owners of such equipment to move. These devices are very relevant due to the fact that most senior officials simply can not waste precious time standing in traffic jams on city roads.

Design and construction of helipads is quite in demand, in addition, such services are offered by a huge number of companies. But do not trust the first company that got to the project and the further construction of the helipad. First of all, each customer should have at least some minimal idea about the principles and requirements for these works. The most important in the performance of these works is compliance with safety requirements during operation and compliance with state sanitary standards. Furthermore, depending on the further use site must have appropriate sizes and the correct markup.

The main stages of the design and construction of helipads:

• First of all, you need to make a professional site survey capabilities in its offering.

• Be sure to carry out engineering and survey work areas.

• phase of the technical and economic plan of the construction site of the future platform.

• Next is a site selection coating typically may be asphalt or aluminum alloy of platinum.

• scheme being worked in all lighting and signaling equipment on site. At this stage, make payment of related equipment for navigation and radio communication.

• If you want to miscalculate the parking lot and taxi lanes for ships to take-off site. When you create a full-fledged heliport planned additional facilities for maintenance and refueling helicopters.

• At the end of the general designer makes his opinion and sends the project for the construction.

The design and construction of helipads must necessarily comply with government regulations. In addition, the site must meet safety and environmental requirements.