Passage VLEK for flight attendants. Aeroflot. Etihad.
Passage VLEK for flight attendants. Aeroflot. Etihad.

Passage VLEK for flight attendants. Aeroflot. Etihad.

Tell us what VLEK and "what it eats?"

Elena Luchkina (Aroflot)

VLEK - this is the most terrible dream for any polish flight attendant. This is the only thing that separates you step away from the dream. To begin its passage, you must get a referral in the fitness complex Aeroflot "land-water" after the successful completion of the interview. VLEK Aeroflot is on the Falcon, to pass it, it takes at least 3 days and then, if you're lucky. Basically all they pass it within a week. And all because the first in long lines in the morning with 6 are pilots, flight attendants and then acting, and then the newcomers.

VLEK is a serious matter, you need to approach it responsibly: before passing it, pass many tests, collect all the certificates, go to a narcologist, psychiatrist, spend half a ton of nerves and time. But believe me, it's worth it. The doctors from the commission, of course, are strict, because in such a profession, I believe, there should be no concessions at all, but they are fair. As some newbies fear, they won't "get out". Health indicators should be almost flawless. But in fact, not everything is as sad and scary as it seems. At VLEK, I made friends with many girls, listened to crazy and interesting stories from the life of flight attendants on board. Most of all I liked the psychologist - the woman is so sweet and friendly that the fear vanished by itself. After all, you understand that everyone who appears in this building dreams of getting the coveted seal: "good". Therefore, fear and endless excitement before VLEK experience continuously.

Psychologist, by the way, it is the final physician who determines prof. availability of future flight attendants!

On the last day we come to the chairman for the cherished seal and an extract of the conclusion. You know, it was the happiest day in all my 18 years! I walked and cried with joy that there was no way back, and I realized that my dream had come true! At the moment when the conclusion is on hand, there are no people happier than we are! Those who have gone through all this will understand me.

Tell us how are VLEK in the Emirates?

Alina Krumina (Etihad)

Alicia aethed

Honey. the commission in the UAE is already passed during the studies. All are brought to honey. airline center (Etihad medical center). There you will be given a change of clothes. Then they bring you into the conference room, tell you what kind of doctors you will undergo today. Then you are called in turn. Analyzes first. Hearing and vision are checked. Get vaccinated. Weigh, measure. The index is calculated. Check the condition of the skin and teeth. Drug test and so on.
Certificate of Fitness / non-life issue on the same day.

Plan it so that no one as much as possible not be sitting in the queue. On the passage of medical records in advance of the commission airline groups at different times.

If further workers health problems and any complaints they may apply to the medical center of the airline. Service and drugs - free of charge.

Completing honey. Commission also do not need to pay.


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1 stage of selection Aeroflot flight attendant.

Initially, you enter the conference room and the presentation begins, after which you will be explained some of the subtleties of the profession, how everything really happens, they give you time to understand whether you need it or not, you can also ask questions, try to take this opportunity in order to pay attention to yourself for good purposes.

Then there is an interview (very exciting), it is simply impossible to say that they can specifically ask both in Russian and in English, because as a rule, everyone has different questions every time, but in my opinion the main thing is that you understand what they are saying to you and could to have a dialog. Therefore, try to answer competently and with a smile.

Regarding the appearance of: girl, take it with a removable shoes, because if you go 1 step you take pictures in forage caps, and one of the photo in full growth. Attire business, discreet, beautiful makeup that accentuates your strengths.

If you have tattoos on: the neck, the hands (shoulder), legs, do not even go so far will not be reduced, because if you succeed to hide the interview, then VLEK you just do not miss. Most importantly, be confident and smile.


2 stage of selection Aeroflot flight attendant.

Photos of applicants in forage caps!

PSPRETENDENTY, YOU CAN ASK A QUESTION ON THE ABSOLUTELY ANY RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH, THEN YOU worked ANY THEME aviation-related (situation onboard, airports, etc.) .Angliysky need to know to be able to construct sentences and understand speech. However, you can offer to try later or Dobrolet faith that all of you will learn.

Information for those who pass VLEK independently and will confirm him in Moscow, namely JSC Aeroflot.

After completing the interview, review your photos in forage caps for 2 weeks, you will receive an invitation containing roughly the text "Dear candidate for flight attendants!

You have successfully passed the first stage of the selection of candidates for the position flight attendant airline "Aeroflot". We invite you ... or ... to 14.00 hours in the fitness center "land-water", located near Sheremetyevo-1. "There you will be given directions to the original VLEK. With him and your ready VLEK go to the address, there is a passage those doctors who were not completed or only therapist, you will confirm the results, and you eat in the personnel department for the conclusion of apprenticeship contract.

PS If you are passing the VLEK independently, notify in advance about this and how many times you will be able to drive to the land-water training complex via this e-mail: [email protected]
VLEK Sokol (Aeroflot).

Reception at the secretary-Raisa Viktorovna begins somewhere in 8.10, so at least by 8 in the morning one must already be in place to be, if anything, at the beginning of the line. The secretary will tell you everything, to which offices to go first and what to do, will give direction to tests to some doctors. 

The main thing to remember: do not passing the gynecologist can not go to a dermatologist without a dermatologist does not take a surgeon and therapist last.

Before VLEK better diet. Do not eat sweet, salty, fatty, and there is little impact on analyzes (buckwheat eat better, have a drink pomegranate juice because hemoglobin almost all problems. In front of the VLEK, that is going to the medical center Aeroflot 2 eat juicy, large garnet and test results will be great.)

And VLEK operating cabin crew and officers are no queues, so humble and smiling. Everywhere with a smile and composure when some incomprehensible situation, it is not skandalte and go to the Secretary, or will still be to blame.

Separately, write about a gynecologist: girls, girls, women, if you have erosion or suspected (that is to know when you have to answer by Aeroflot, which you are invited to the passage of the second stage (VLEK) go to your gynecologist) do colposcopy and More some analyzes (gynecologist appointed them all to take place), you will be treated (there is nothing wrong), usually it lasts 3 months, ie it will start before going on VLEK. Probably gynecologist says internships seem to fly.


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How to get VLEK. Instructions for use.

After 4 years of flight attendant, the polycystosis of both ovaries (36 cysts) was diagnosed. They made a lapar, but the pregnancy did not come. Do they have the right to write me off from flying work, and if so, is this dismissal or are they obliged to provide a workplace on the ground?

Hello, can I become a cabin attendant if I have protrusion of intervertebral discs?

Hi please tell me whether it is possible to pass a medical examination, if there is a blockade of the right leg?

Tell me, is it possible to write off a flight attendant with an established diagnosis of a hiatus hernia of the 1st degree?

By the fall of VLEK I am going to pass on the flight attendant.
I have a little problem, put the diagnosis of heart (patent ductus arteriosus) 1,5mm, in no way concerned only what they say, just do every year ECHO and all.
Will I be able to pass VLEK?

My God! It is so great! The next year, I expect it all! Thank you for the information, I'll be ready!

It is interesting all the same, and what percentage of newcomers successfully pass VLEK, large or dropouts? I would also like to try, from his childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant; )

Girls rock! Do not be afraid, and you will succeed. If you aspire to the dream, it is sure to be realized. All the same, there are intentional and usually everyone is healthy. Good luck!

If completing the passage VLEK conversation with the psychologist, it's not a medicine, but rather some kind of astrology. In his time he had to pass for at least hundreds of different psychological tests, and realized that all of this to reality is irrelevant.

I really like the work of the stewardess, beautiful and money, but get I will not go there right now ... Flying planes has long been called flying coffins ...