The lost arms race. Major trends for further development of the US Air Force.
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The lost arms race. Major trends for further development of the US Air Force.

The lost arms race. Major trends for further development of the US Air Force.

Contrary to the opinion that the United States considers itself the most perfect power in terms of weapons, Russia in just a few days could prove otherwise and to put before the military industrialists of the United States difficult task related to the development of new aircraft, including both aircraft and helicopters.

Previously, experts from the US were very skeptical about the Russian Air Force, especially considering that the aircraft developed decades ago, even though modernized, can not compete with the US Air Force, but only a few dozen sorties Russian aircraft for the destruction of the "Islamic State" in Syria showed that Russian aircraft, and no less importantly - the pilots, are able to radically reverse the course of the b evyh action. At its very core, nothing surprising happened at first glance - a large number of Russian planes in Syria would otherwise have coped with the task, but given the fact that most fighters and ground-attack planes are more than fifteen years old, Russia was able to prove that Even current weapons can resist any aggression.

However, at the moment it is a question that is likely within the next 3-5 years, US experts will work on the creation of modern combat planes, whose technical characteristics must not give in to Russian, and at the same time, development costs It should be minimal, since only in this case it will be possible to ensure the Air Force the best possible and the necessary number of combat aircraft, capable of performing most of the tasks, ensuring the safety not only in the air but on the ground.

Experts rely on the fact that, in all likelihood, American aircraft designers will work on creating a visually difficult visible aircraft, as has previously repeatedly reported. According to some data, such a development, if it is quite expensive, it certainly has a promising potential, in particular, such an aircraft will be poorly visible during visual inspection, and given the fact that the greatest efficiency of using aviation means is achieved by the effect of surprise, we should assume that the point is definitely there. Among other things, it is expected that modern developments will be equipped with powerful high-speed power plants, allowing you to strike and move away from pursuit as quickly as possible - the most acceptable speed is set within 3-x sound speeds, however, due to strong overloads, technical and other problems, in connection with which it is necessary to assume that the maximum speed of the aircraft will most likely reach 2,4-2,5 M.

Equally important in this regard is the armament, and the attempt to manufacture high-precision missiles hitting the target with an accuracy of several tens of centimeters does not actually affect anything, while the development cost is about 10 times, which naturally is not acceptable.

In the event that American experts will follow this path, then during 7-10 years, they can get quite acceptable weapons, but otherwise, except for failed development cost and closed projects ultimately fail.

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