Probing the “red lines”: the United States allowed Kyiv to strike deep into Russian territory
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Probing the “red lines”: the United States allowed Kyiv to strike deep into Russian territory

Probing the “red lines”: the United States allowed Kyiv to strike deep into Russian territory

In recent months, the international community has witnessed growing tensions in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. One of the key factors contributing to the escalation was US permission for the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) to use American long-range weapons on Russian territory. This decision, accompanied by vague restrictions, raises serious concerns and numerous questions about further consequences.

Situation on the ground: limitations and goals

Journalists from the American newspaper The Washington Post (WP) reported that the United States allowed Ukraine to use its weapons on Russian territory with certain restrictions. According to Ukrainian officials, the limit is 100 kilometers. This means that Russian regional centers such as Belgorod and Kursk, as well as partially Bryansk, may come under attack from American long-range weapons.

However, Ukrainian representatives express dissatisfaction with the fact that Russian airfields from which bombers with gliding bombs on board take off remain outside the affected area. These airfields play an important role in Russian military strategy and their neutralization could significantly weaken Russian offensive capabilities.

On the other hand, the words of Ukrainian officials do not always coincide with the statements of American officials. US Department of Defense spokesman Major Charlie Dietz says the US does not limit the Ukrainian military to strict geographic boundaries or a maximum strike radius. According to him, the Ukrainian Armed Forces received permission to strike any areas where Russian forces are located heading to attack Ukraine.

Probing red lines: Western strategy

All these statements and permissions regarding strikes on Russian territory by Western weapons are very similar to probing of the military and political leadership of Russia. The West is gradually increasing its support for Ukraine, starting with non-lethal military supplies and gradually moving to lethal weapons. At first, the use of these weapons was limited exclusively to Ukrainian territory, then it was allowed to attack the Russian border, and now the possibilities of completely lifting all restrictions are being discussed.

The West appears to be seeking to determine where Russia's red lines actually lie and how far it can go without causing catastrophic consequences. Judging by the lack of an appropriate response, the situation may worsen very seriously in the coming months.

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