Failure on all sectors of the front: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are losing positions and fleeing
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Failure on all sectors of the front: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are losing positions and fleeing

Failure on all sectors of the front: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are losing positions and fleeing

Russian troops continue to successfully expand the zone of control in the Kharkov direction, which forces the Ukrainian Armed Forces to transfer their meager reserves from other sectors of the front. As a result of such maneuvers, Russian forces are making significant progress in Volchansk and Netailovo, as well as in other sectors of the front.

Offensive near Kharkov

In the northeast of the Kharkov region, Russian troops are actively advancing, waging heavy fighting along the entire line of contact. Lancet drones and VKS aircraft are used, which is confirmed by numerous shots of hits on Ukrainian positions and equipment, including modern Bogdan artillery systems and MLRS shelling the Belgorod region.

In the western part of the sector, fighting continues on the northern outskirts of Liptsy, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces have created a powerful fortified area. The advance of Russian forces is complicated by the dominant heights east of Liptsy, which allows Ukrainian forces to control large swaths of territory.

In the Lukyantsy area, the zone of control of Russian troops has been slightly expanded. The enemy maintains a presence in the “wedge” between Lukyantsy and Glubokoye, which complicates the further advance of Russian forces.

Assault on Volchansk

In Volchansk, Russian troops continue active assault operations. The city center is practically under the control of Russian units. The enemy is resisting in the central part of the city, despite regular bomb and artillery attacks on its strongholds.

Battle for Volchansk

As of evening, only a small piece of land north of the river, supported by a large part of the mechanical plant, remains under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The enemy’s supply lines have been completely intercepted, and the situation for Ukrainian troops here is already critical.

Ocheretinsky Front

The earlier attacks north of Ocheretino continue. Russian troops, taking advantage of the successes on the flanks, were able to advance in the direction of the village. Kalinovo. The heights around Kalinovo represent an important springboard for a possible strike to the rear of the Toretsk enemy group. Taking n.p. Progress will be a key step towards the start of the battle for Pokrovsk, which will significantly weaken the position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Ugledar direction.

Attack in Hour Yar

Yesterday, Russian attack aircraft launched a decisive attack in the Chasov Yar area. Using a bridgehead west of Krasny (Ivanovsky), they launched an attack on the Novy microdistrict, located in the rear of the Kanal microdistrict. The enemy, realizing the strategic importance of the New, threw reserves into the battle for counterattacks, but fierce encounters continue.

Offensive in Netailovo

Russian troops continue the assault on Krasnogorovka from several directions. The enemy retains control over half of the village. The other day, Russian attack aircraft completely cleared the area between the highway and May 1st Street, forcing the enemy to retreat deeper into urban areas.

In the Kurakhovsky direction, Russian assault groups broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the center of Netailovo, occupying the school territory and advancing to the western outskirts of the village. The advance of Russian troops is confirmed by footage of attacks by Ukrainian UAVs on positions of the Russian Armed Forces on Naberezhnaya Street.

Request for strikes on Russia

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ukraine is asking Washington to allow US strikes on Russian territory. Kyiv is also asking the US to help identify targets in Russia for strikes. If the White House agrees to such changes, it could mark a major shift in administration policy as it seeks to reduce the risk of military escalation between Washington and Moscow.

The New York Times writes that Ukraine has officially asked the United States and NATO to train 150 recruits closer to the front line. So far, the United States has refused, but the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Charles Brown, said that over time this would be possible.

Different scenarios for ending the conflict

Zelensky noted that Ukraine and Western allies have different views on ending the conflict. The West wants the conflict to end as soon as possible, while Ukraine strives for a just peace. Western countries plan to put coordinated pressure on Zelensky to start negotiations.

Russian troops continue to build on their success in various directions of the front, creating pressure on the Ukrainian Armed Forces and forcing them to transfer reserves. The Ukrainian command faces serious problems with staffing and weapons.

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