Conducting test bench GTD

Conducting test bench GTD

During the test bench to address the following main objectives:

- check and obtain characteristics of ACS in accordance with the technical task;

- check of working capacity and survivability in special and extreme working conditions (in case of imitation of possible failures and emergencies, including under impacts exceeding the operating conditions in parameters);

- performance and reliability check with an unfavorable combination of design tolerances and operating conditions:

- setting up units for further work on the engine;

- confirmation of reliability and resource;

- certification of systems and units.

In line with these objectives stands as intended can be divided into research (honing), control

acceptance. Routine Test stands are designed for quality control in series production of machines and configure them to conform to the parameters and characteristics. Stands for research, in turn, are divided into stands for autonomous research units of ACS, including stands with complex influence of disturbing factors and multifunctional stands with feedback control systems for testing in a closed circuit.

Stands for autonomous research units ACS intended for work related to the inspection parameters (characteristics) and confirm the reliability of the individual components and assemblies to the steady-state and transient conditions of their work in an open circuit. By type of test stands can be divided into the following:

- pouring - for testing hydraulic units (pumps, dispensers);

- climatic and "high-altitude" - for testing units in conditions of positive and negative ambient temperatures, high humidity, "sea" fog, reduced pressure (altitude conditions);

- vibration - for testing units in the process of functioning under the influence of vibrations;

- complex impact - to check the reliability of units and systems as a whole with the simultaneous exposure to temperature, pressure, vibrations.

Stands for independent research allows testing both in the working range of parameters (electrical, hydraulic, etc.)? and the parameter values ​​exceeding this range. They contain adjustable speed electric drive, fuel and oil system as well as a number of technological systems to ensure the work bench (ventilation, water supply, fire-fighting).

The integrated circuit typical stand the test units GTE fuel supply systems and its major device has been switched. One possible characteristics of such a stand.

Fuel and oil systems are equipped with heat exchangers for cooling water 5 fuel and oil supplies to sink in tanks during long trials.

The nozzles of the combustion chamber are simulated by setting the output fuel systems of equivalent inductors.

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