PS-01 Komar
PS-01 Komar

PS-01 Komar

PS-01 «Mosquito" is a vehicle which is remotely controlled from the ground. The original design was begun in 1978 year three students in their coursework. Still, the final model of the prototype was completed in the thesis work of Vladimir Soloviev. It was his project drone was accepted for further development.

For the production of unmanned aircraft such as the SS-1 «Komar» started only at the end of the year 1978, work on the project was headed by the developer. First of all, the car was designed for the Ministry of Defense of the State, as well as for agrochemical activities in the national economy. The unit itself was equipped with a direct-type wing and empennage slightly elongated tail section, which was in the form of a ring in the middle was a four-bladed propeller mounted metal push type. Screw diameter index reached half a meter.

On the ends of wings fixed keels as washers, which have a large area. This allows the unit to carry out quite sharp turns without roll, and it is essential for high-quality photographic work, installed on board. As the tail fin tail ring was used, as it were installed rudders flight.

One feature of the UAV can be called that it has a modular design and folding wings. Folded wings and modular design allows you to carry the device in a container the size of the 2,2 0,8 on the meter. Assembling the machine for flight to the shipping container is very fast due to quick-release clamps with hinges.

DRLA "Mosquito" is also the head module, which was mounted on the three locks, while it was easy to replace, it is possible to quickly and reliably install the necessary equipment. In this department of the replacement can be quickly downloaded payload by replacing the head unit.

Unmanned substation-01 «Komar" took off with the help of a catapult or podkryla aircraft carrier. As for landing, it is carried by the parachute system. The parachute system is located in the tail section of the UAV "Mosquito."

The manufactured machine had a weight in kilogram 90, while it could raise the payload to 30 kilogram. The flight speed reached a figure of 180 km / h. These figures were made possible through the use of the MP-5 type gasoline engine, which has horsepower 12. As for the wings, they were wooden in the first model, and later fiberglass was used. The first PS-01 prototype took to the air for testing in the 1981 year, a year later the second car passed the tests. 

PS-01 Komar. Characteristics:

Modification   PS-01
Wingspan, m   2.12
Length m   2.15
Wing area, m2   1.30
Weight, kg   90
engine's type   1 PD MP-6X2 (MP-5)
Power, hp   X 1 12
Maximum speed km / h   180
Minimum speed, km / h   85
Flight distance, km   100


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