PTS "Ermak"
PTS "Ermak"

Plane PTS "Ermak". Photo. Story. Characteristics.


PTS "Ermak" - the latest development of Russian aircraft manufacturers in the field of military transport aircraft. The transport plane should take its rightful place in the niche of super-heavy transport aircraft, as well as to replace transport aircraft such as the An-124 и An-22.



Prospective transport aircraft "Ermak", according to information provided by Russian aircraft designers will have a lifting capacity in 200 tons and can carry superheavy loads. It is important to note that the development of new aircraft has also been focused on the possible replacement of the US freighter Boeing C-17 «Globemaster».

According to experts, the PTS "Ermak" will be able to work in various parts of the globe, and after the tests conducted, it is possible to find investors interested in the development of this project. Among the main customers of super-heavy transport aircraft "Ermak" act likely China, India and Latin America, however, is expected primarily to provide transport aircraft domestic customers.



Especially for the production of airplanes "Ermak" is planned to develop a new aircraft engine - according to some new development will be created on the basis of an existing engine PD-14But with more developed capacity

Serial production of superheavy planes "Ermak" should start in 2024 year Ulyanovsk aircraft plant "Aviastar".