Puma CL-227 Sentinel
Puma CL-227 Sentinel

Puma CL-227 Sentinel

Unmanned Puma CL-227 Sentinel made famous by Canadian aviation Bombardier, which account for more than one quality UAV. As for cars Puma CL-227 Sentinel, it is almost identical to the parent model, which appeared drone CL-227. By and large, Puma CL-227 is a profound modification, which has a much higher flight performance and intelligence capabilities.

The first standard car was ready in 1997 year. After successful tests, the car began to be more widely exploited for military purposes. It was the success of the standard machine that allowed further modernization, as a result of which a qualitatively new unmanned vehicle was received under the designation Puma. The enhanced version was released in 1994 year. The main difference was the replacement of the power plant to a more powerful gas-turbine type, which had power in 125 forces. The engine was selected optimally by Williams. In addition, the equipment was updated to perform combat missions. Thus, the radar, RTR and EW were installed in the apparatus. Photo and video cameras were installed on the aircraft, which transmitted information in real time to the control panel. A laser system was used to target allied forces. All this allowed even more extensive use of the drone, the most important thing, better and less noticeable to the enemy. 

Puma CL-227 Sentinel. Characteristics:

Modification   CL 227
Height, m   1.67
The diameter of the rotor, m   2.80
Weight, kg  
  empty   111
  maximum take-off   227
  Fuel   54
engine's type   1 TWAD Williams International WTS34-16
Power, hp   X 1 51.5
Maximum speed km / h   142
The duration of the flight, ch.min   3.30
Radius of action, km   60
Rate of climb, m / min   274
Practical ceiling, m   3000
Payload, kg   45 kg of various equipment


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