Putin: import substitution in Russia is a temporary phenomenon
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Putin: import substitution in Russia is a temporary phenomenon

Putin: import substitution in Russia is a temporary phenomenon


Presumably, the government had no doubts about this issue before, therefore, the Ukrainian-Russian engines TV3-117 were imported to Ukrainian-Russian VK-2500 without hurrying, confidently cutting off our helicopters from the Ukrainian "Motor Sich" even before 2014 year, although the Russian peasant Vyacheslav Boguslaev very much hoped to produce engines in cooperation with Klimov.


"Cooperation between Russia and Ukraine is unshakable"


"VK-2500 is the TV3-117VMA engine, but it's the same engine designed by 35 years ago, it's not new, it's new due to the electronics that they hung out there.

I, in due time, turned to the now deceased FM Muravchenko and asked him to remake the hot part of TV3-117. He remade, made a new combustion chamber, a new turbine. And now our new engine shows excellent results. We did not change the name, because to change the TV3-117 engine by helicopter to another is impossible, it will be another helicopter. Therefore, we left the name the same TV3-117, added the SBM - Sarkisov, Boguslaev, Muravchenko. Therefore, I recommend that it be done in Russia. I've been talking for two years, do it at the Klimov plant.

They say that he (VK-2500) is the only one in the world. And this engine is 35 years old. We need to make SBM-1V - this is a completely new engine. And with a resource of 5 thousand hours, and not 2 thousand hours like the VK-2500. Why take an engine with a resource of 2 thousand when there is one with the best characteristics and a resource of 5 thousand hours, and the price is the same? With all your and my hurray-patriotism, the customer buys not hardware, he buys a resource.

And we are working to bring the resource TV3-117VMA-SBM1V to 6 thousand hours this year. Now the world producers give a resource in 6 thousand hours, and we have to catch up with them. And to catch up with VK-2500 is impossible, there is an old hot part, it does not work more than 2 thousand hours. I can be scolded that I'm advertising something there. I created the engine and I'm ready to do it in Russia, why should I blame it? (10 April 2014.) Aviation EXplorer.

The engine TV3 / 117VMA / SBM1 The 5 series has the power of 2800 hp. on takeoff and 3750 hp on an emergency mode (2400l.s and 2800l.s respectively in VK-2500)

And in "Motor Sich JSC" the "TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engine is being improved, in particular, they create TV3-117VMA-SBM2 with power of 3200 hp", "Anatoly Sitnov, chairman of the board of directors of the Russian-Ukrainian joint venture of the ZAO Engines, Vladimir Klimov-Motor Sich, told AviaPort. (25.03.2014 AirPort.Ru).

Russian engines RD-600, VK-800 for Ka-226 and Ansat helicopters, frozen at the testing stage, the government imported to French and American.

On the Novosibirsk airplane TVS-2DTS the same story with import substitution: "Despite the fact that the aircraft will be assembled at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, it can not be called domestic. "There will be nothing Russian on the plane, the American engine, American screw, American avionics." "They refused from the Russian composite - it's expensive." ("Experts criticized the aircraft TVS-2DTS", VPK.name 10.05.2018).


Abroad helps!


Today, at the Russian exhibition with the American accent "HeliRussia 2018" managers from "Helicopters of Russia" no longer hide the delight that our helicopters left only the dense Mi-8 (Mi-171H on the street), but it's light but hard road to the native sky Kazan "Ansat".

"As you might expect, HeliRussia 2018 did not do without bright prime ministers. In all, there were three of them at the exhibition, and all the presented novelties belonged to the same class of light passenger helicopters.

The most important premiere was a light single-engine helicopter VRT500, represented by the holding company "Russian Helicopters". A full-size model of this car was exhibited in the main hall of HeliRussia 2018. "



Leading Russian and foreign companies are taking part in the creation of the main systems of the helicopter. The helicopter is planned for certification by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and serial production at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. "

According to the developers, when designing VRT500, an enhanced level of security, unique conversion capabilities and cost-effective operation are laid.

Baa, so this is our Ka-115 from 90-x gg. the last century and the LTH were written off to him one to one!

But unlike Ka-115 VRT500 - at the height, because "in the creation of the basic systems of the helicopter take part ... and foreign companies", But if the Ka-115 project was not financed by the State, then this daredevil without a doubt will be given a green light! Happy journey to him !!!


Forward to the American past.


"Russian" helicopter "Kasatka 505" will absorb the best from Sikorski S-52 :: ATO.RU.


"This year at HeliRussia, traditionally pleased with visitors showing interesting and daring novelties from the field of the helicopter industry, the Russian lightweight single-engine helicopter" Kasatka 505 "debuts. The design of the 505 Kasatka helicopter is based on the carrier circuit and the set of units of the US multi-purpose helicopter Sikorsky S-52 (the first flight was made in 1947g - note auth.).

"Despite its age (with 1947.), The design of the Sikorsky S-52 remains successful for this class of helicopters, and the helicopter is planned to be built using the latest technology", - said the organizers of HeliRussia.



In my opinion, even more "modern" technology could be obtained from the helicopter Mi-1: it is more elegant, it caresses the eye better and is certainly more convenient!



The unspeakable happiness of a liberal


“In addition to the VRT500 and Kasatka, the Russian premiere of the American Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopter took place at the exhibition. It is a lightweight single-engine aircraft for 5 people that entered the world market last year.”.



The Russian liberal lives on a broad foot, so cheap Ka-115 does not need him, because he understates his status and vice versa: the degree of greatness increases significantly with the word "American".


Ka-115 is good, but it's Russian.



"Creating a light 7-local Ka-115 is the cheapest of all the prospective developments of Kamov. This was reported by the deputy general director of the Kamov company Veniamin Kasyanikov. According to him, R & D to create Ka-115 is estimated to cost 30 million dollars over several years. As Veniamin Kasyanikov noted, Ka-115 consumes 70-75 fuels per hour, which is less than Mi-8. The cost of the helicopter is estimated at 700 thousand dollars. " (Finmarket).

We have already flying "Ansat" and Ka-226, which for "solidity" panded the French engine with an Austrian gearbox, but no! "Effective" managers from "Russian Helicopters" are warmed by the overseas products, so they are letting people's money for the wind, or, more precisely, for the West! And meanwhile India ordered already 200 a piece of our Ka-226, which saved the plant of coaxial helicopters in Kumertau from bankruptcy.

This lawlessness in our helicopter industry is not accidental, since the President's main concerns are foreign policy, and he apparently does not have enough time for internal affairs. It is a pity, because according to the liberal "import substitution" huge amounts of money go abroad and on the pockets of officials of different levels, in which our state is in great need.

For example, to support the project of a cheap and very necessary Ka-115 helicopter, "$ 30mln was not found," but when Dmitry Medvedev visited the US as president, he blatantly posted $ 4,2mlrd. to maintain the Boeing and then another $ 3,5mlrd. same way!


Let's return to Novosibirsk TVS-2DTS


"We, as members of the small aviation association are concerned about the engine of the aircraft. This is an American Garret, it has a reputation for not a good engine ", - says the chairman of the Association of Small Aviation of Yakutia Ivan Lukin. In addition, experts are concerned about the material from which the aircraft is made.

"The whole-composite aircraft turned out to be one and a half times heavier than An-2, and a stronger ground will be needed for landing, than for An-2," the expert said. "Also, the composite material is known to work very hard to break and any impact can lead to serious consequences", - emphasizes Ivan Lukin

The installation of American shit on him is justified by the fact that "Due to the lack of modern economical and light engine in Russia, SibNIA decided to install the turbo-propeller Honeywell TRE-2-62 turbocharged engine with 331 hp instead of the piston ASh-12IR" [Source: Avian Panorama Magazine, No.3 (123), 2017, p. 8-13].

And the engine that met all of its requirements, even then was - RD-600S, developed by Rybinsk KB "Saturn", power = 1300l.s., But it had to be brought to mind. But the engine is frozen at the testing stage all for the same reasons: funding has been cut off. Our aircraft technology has always been highly reliable and maintainable. And RD-600 is no exception: "Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can be disassembled into separate parts and collect again all 10 keys. In the event of a failure of one of them, it can be replaced directly in an open field, rather than changing the entire engine. "

Let's return to the aircraft of this aircraft. So, it is already known that the TVS-2DTS will be able to accelerate the speed of 300 km / h and fly to a distance of up to two thousand kilometers, while the An-2 could hardly accelerate to 200 km / h, and its maximum range was a little over a thousand kilometers. ("Whole-composite TVS-2DTS., Price and characteristics" ... tvoi54., Novosibirsk).

I flew on An-2 as a co-pilot in Yeniseisk. With a flight weight of 5250kg. An-2 confidently kept the speed of 180k / h, and when driving from repairs from Irkutsk or Novosibirsk, as the fuel depleted, the speed reached 205k / h, so it should not underestimate the performance characteristics of the An-2. But the flight weight is 7400kg. engine with power equal to 1100hp. is unlikely to pull at a speed of 250k / h. I remember how V. Barsuk assured that the modernized An-2 TVS-2MS with this engine will have a cruising speed of 230 km / h, but in fact it is 200 km / h. Moreover, it must be borne in mind that with this flight weight, the wheels will need to be larger in order not to get stuck in the ground. I remember how, in the same Yeniseisk, on rolled soil, the Li-2 taxied without question, but the Il-14 no-no and will bury itself! So TVS-2DTS will bury itself, while An-2 will steer and take off on the same ground without any problems. But let's hope that these "little things" have already been taken into account by V. Barsuk, because he is a pilot himself, but the engine for this aircraft must be pierced by the RD-600, especially since the power has already been increased to 1500 hp. ... what this plane needs and the pilots will then be grateful for such a plane. Today it looks like in N.Mare and Mongolia there are hardly any good reviews for this engine. Personally, I am worried about this plane and wish it success!


Vitalii Belyaev specifically for Avia.pro

It's sad that apart from the cartoons in fact there is nothing to show. And so in all spheres of the country: factories are crushed or bankrupt, the people in the poor, roads and rulers on the same level. What you are now boasting about, nothing but an unprecedented superweapon. Even if it is, you will be crushed economically, because wars are not needed. His own, when the cut is completed, the country will be merged with China, and those already do not ask for permission.

We did not carry overload, so 180 / h An-2 kept confident!

I also flew in Yeniseisk - the first year after college, went to work for a season. For An-2, the limitation is really 5250kg. at T> + 15c. But what is the matter - you fill up the full tanks (you must also do the forest patrol) 1200 liters (+/- 48 - I still remember!) - the weight turns out to be about 900 kg, the maximum commercial one you get is about 600 kg. And you need to relocate 12 firemen with some sacks to Yartsevo. It is clear that you are over 600 kg. taking pictures. According to the documents. As a result, your takeoff weight on paper is 5250, but in fact it is about 6 tons. Okay, there are still 1800 meters of concrete left in Yeniseisk, we'll take off somehow. But at the same time, the mode in flight has to be kept at an increased rate, the speed is not 180, etc.

Probably forgot the name of Serdyukov.

So that's it, and we do not need any external enemies, we'll do everything ourselves, but how many bravura speeches, how many pathos. It's a shame

Why is that ashamed? -Everything, as always, according to one program: The people voted for the GDP, the GDP for the Bear, the Bear put his old bosom friends on the new pro-Westerners. And these will not disappoint this time, they will try to undress and strip Russia by exporting dough under any pretext over the hill that Gaidar and Yeltsin will seem to us to be national benefactors! And there "either the padishah dies or the donkey dies." -The circle will be repeated anew, with new fairy tales for those who wish.

And where there is no hidden joy ... yes, my dear fellow artist. It's so excruciatingly painful for Russia to be ashamed of Russia with a saucepan on its head. So take expensive or a pan or stop pi ... t, you already feel sorry for you

The world suffers and is buried in blood. Because of such writers. All under God and such writers have long been on the list and waiting for their judgment day.

Brilliant words! The logic is amazing! Bravo!!! Long thought of them? Or are you unfamiliar with this process? Try for a change. I think you will like ... By the way, praying before that before the images with GDP and DAP in nimbuses is not necessary ... If it works out, an amazing real world will open before you!

Betrayers MOTHERLAND always hide behind high phrases. As well as traitors. The fact that GDP and DAM is destroying the Russian state has long been no secret. Just do it quickly, it was NOT possible. There could be an uprising. And they unhurriedly but surely crushed.


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