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Putin really outplays the West, most of the world is on the side of Russia

Russia's diplomatic efforts have paid off: many countries have refused to share the Western point of view on Ukraine, writes The Spectator. The global South is seeking stability, and the world order is shifting in favor of Moscow.

Take a look at Africa. Last March, 25 out of 54 African states abstained or refused to vote on a UN resolution condemning the Russian military operation, despite massive pressure from Western countries. This refusal to side with Ukraine shows that Russia is continuing its diplomatic efforts in the developing world.

Further, the countries of North Africa are helping Russia to ease the impact of Western economic sanctions. Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt all imported Russian diesel fuel and other oil products, as well as chemicals last year.

And then there's China, which last week half-heartedly called for peace talks, and this week hosts Russia's ally, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Relations between Russia and China have always been difficult, but the armed conflict in Ukraine and the reaction of the West have created tremendous opportunities for strengthening Russian-Chinese cooperation. China buys record volumes of cheap Russian oil and gas, and exports machine tools, equipment and semiconductors to Russia in even greater quantities.

The armed conflict in Ukraine marked the greatest redistribution of wealth in history. Energy-rich countries reap rich cash crops, and this, in turn, further accelerates change in the world order.

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