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Five of the best airports in the world for shopping.

Five of the best airports in the world for shopping.


Each airport can be estimated by the number of infrastructure and the number of terminals, but as it became known, the factor of shopping opportunities became a more interesting factor for tourists. Among all the airports in the world, there are five main airports in the world for shopping.

Top is the airport✈ heathrow

(London, Great Britain).

In the new ranking of international research is the airport ranked first in quality shopping. It is difficult not to agree with such a high estimate, because in the area of ​​Heathrow Duty Free you can just get lost. More than a hundred brands, presented here offer the best products-from the banal souvenirs to exclusive collections of designer brands such as Bally, Swarovski, Timberland, Burberry, Tie Rack.

Heathrow shopping

In addition, the airport are equipped with reading room and an art exhibition - for those who are not a fan of going to the store, though, seems to be impressive discounts stir even this. But we should warn you: some shops cunning and lower prices by only some three percent, so you must be careful and make purchases very thoughtful.

Second airport -✈ Dubai,

United Arab Emirates.

One of the best in this criterion is Dubai International Airport. Despite many border checks, including retinal scans and endless terminals that have to be navigated using horizontal escalators, tourists love it very much. And all thanks to the giant Duty Free, which covers more than 10000 square meters.

Dubai airport shopping

It is difficult at a glance all these kilometers boutiques where, in addition to standard of alcohol and perfumes are also sold clothing from well-known and famous designers, jewelry and even cars. They say it is best to buy a watch here: the choice is huge and the prices a pleasant surprise. Generally, discount on all products fluctuate from 20 to 50 percent, so purchases at Dubai airport can be considered really profitable. And not only for tourists - Duty Free itself has a profit of over a billion dollars annually.

The third airport -✈ Hong KongChina.

Hong Kong International Airport - is something incredibly exciting. 3-D-cinema, restaurants, a golf course, a media library, it seems, just do not have to languish in waiting for your flight. But the main attraction for tourists here is shopping area. Most of all in Hong Kong driven by electronics and household appliances: their value in the duty-free shops in the local airport really times lower than in Ukraine or Russia.

In addition, in all terminals where countless boutiques of world fashion brands, and the first terminal is a huge Skymart-shop, which presents a collection of about 200 local designers for more than reasonable prices.

Fourth airport -✈ Frankfurt am MainGermany.

Frankfurt - known transit point on the way from Europe to the United States, precisely because Zone Duty Free, here is full of American fashion brands. But the main attraction of the airport - a huge store Porsche Design, which sells a variety of branded accessories renowned automotive brand.

Frankfurt Airport shopping

 A special offer from Frankfurt airport Duty Free is an online preliminary order of goods, which can be made on the official website of the airport 9 hours before departure, and upon arrival just go and pick up the selected products in the corresponding store. It is very convenient if you have a little time between flights.

Fifth airport -✈ AmsterdamNetherlands.

Kilometres of duty-free shopping areas, thousands of brands and hundreds of shops - all of this is the famous airport of the Dutch capital. «See, buy, fly», - (first-saw, then - bought and flew) - is not only a slogan the local Duty Free, but always enthusiastic exclamations of all tourists who have fallen in this a paradise for shopaholics. Particularly pleased with permanent and successive actions "buy one unit of product - get a second absolutely free."

Amsterdam Airport Shopping

And for intelligent travelers who do not respond to such zavlekanie, guide Amsterdam airport is equipped with an electronic library and hung on the walls reproductions of famous international artists. But to be perfectly frank: there are not many people who prefer the picture when sold alongside clothes from top fashion designers of the world for half price.

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