PZL TS-11 Iskra. Photo. Characteristics.
PZL TS-11 Iskra. Photo. Characteristics.

PZL TS-11 Iskra. Photo. Characteristics.



A type: Single-engine jet training aircraft

Crew: Two pilots are arranged one behind the other

A participant in the contest for the beginning of the 1960s to supply the Air Force of the Warsaw Treaty countries with a jet training aircraft, Iskra was nevertheless chosen by the Polish Air Force instead of the winner of the competition (Czech aircraft L-29) in an attempt to preserve the existing aircraft industry countries. In 1964, the aircraft went into operation, where a strong construction soon made it popular with both students and instructors. In fact, since its inception, the aircraft has been used to provide all training programs in two Polish Air Force officer flight schools.

There are a number of modifications, the differences which relate to the number of points of suspension arms or the installation of equipment for photo-reconnaissance training. Production of the aircraft TS-11 1978 was discontinued in the year after the delivery of about 500 aircraft, including aircraft 50 "Iskra bis D» (Iskra-Bis D) in India, which was the only country apart from Poland, which used TS-11. However, a small number of aircraft "Iskra bis" for photo-reconnaissance training was built after 1982 years.

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The Iskra airplanes of the Polish Air Force (still in operation for about 150 copies) are gradually being taken out of service, as new training planes Iryda and Orlik from PZL arrive, at the same time Indian planes (38 remains) also should be decommissioned in the near future. A small number of early-produced Iskra planes that have been exempted from military service have appeared in the US Civil Registry for the past six years, where they have proved to be the ideal fast vehicle for VIPs, as well as an affordable jet aircraft.

Basic data

dimensions (for the aircraft "Iskra bis" B):

Length: 11,17 m

Wingspan: 10,06 m

Height: 3,5 m

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 750 km / h

Flight range: 1250 km

Power point: S0-3 company IL Power: 9,81 kN thrust

The weight:

Empty: 2560 kg

Maximum takeoff: 3840 kg

Date of first flight:

5 February 1960

The surviving airworthy modifications: TS-11 «Iskra-Bis" A / B