The work on the mistakes pilots. Sci.
The work on the mistakes pilots. Sci.

The work on the mistakes pilots. Sci.


The paper deals with cases of aircraft landing on the fuselage with the working of the material due to the fact that the pilot forgot to lower the gear. It may be objected: landing on the fuselage - is extremely rare and is not it better to spend more effort on the analysis of significant events? But in aviation, all events are important and any win over significant errors. In addition, based on consideration of errors, as it turns out, are the same reasons as the basis of many others, and therefore the results are not of a purely private nature.

Until very recently, the prevailing view in the pilot as a known culprit, but is now starting to make their way related to the pilot as a living man with his weaknesses and limitations, feelings and emotions, motivations and values. It became clear that to ignore it all - means to hide the ends in water, do not reach the essence of the event, do not open the true causes of accidents, which in turn leads to the development of inadequate measures to prevent them, and as a result - the incidents continue to occur.

The purpose of this work - to protect the pilots, show that the basis of many human error "are quite objective reasons, not the negligence and propose appropriate means of preventing mistakes, do not infringe the dignity of a professional pilot.

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