Work stewardess
Work stewardess

Work stewardess

Many girls from childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant. Work stewardess and to this day it is considered to be attractive. This work is suitable for the brave and active girls who love to travel. At first glance it may seem that all of the work - a solid romance. In fact - the flight attendant profession is difficult and dangerous. This article deals with the question how to become a flight attendant in modern aviation.

The main responsibility of the stewardess on board - is to ensure the safety of passengers during flights. And only then - to ensure a comfortable flight conditions. Flight attendants are responsible for compliance with safety regulations on board and in case of danger are obliged to provide passengers with assistance.

If you intend to a flight attendant, Forget about the normalized working day and holidays. Flights are carried out each day, respectively, your employment is generated from the flight schedule.

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Before the first time to go on a flight, you have to go through quite a rigorous selection of candidates and the six-month training in a specialized training center of the airline. In the selection of all the attention will be focused on your appearance as well as health reasons.

When selecting on a mandatory basis, it is necessary to have a conversation with psychologists who will ask various tricky questions. And you will be obliged to answer them, otherwise you will immediately be “weaned out” Airlines are trying to select girls with a gentle, non-conflict character. For flight attendants there are restrictions on age and height. Age from 18 to 24 years (in some companies up to 29 years). Height from 160 to 175 centimeters. With regards to appearance, it must be flawless: perfectly clean and smooth skin, facial features are correct and proportional. In addition, applicants for the profession of flight attendant should have a pleasant voice, correct and fluent speech. Tattoos and scars are a taboo subject for flight attendants. The main requirement is knowledge of foreign languages. In case your “indicators” of beauty and health coincide with the norms of an ideal flight attendant, you will be sent for training.

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During training you will learn how to present themselves, how to style your hair, how to apply makeup. Talk about the structure of the vessel. Conduct theoretical and practical course on the evacuation of passengers in different circumstances: when landing on water or on land. Future flight attendants learn medical training, learn the correct table setting and serving food and drinks. Specific training will be focused on how to create and maintain a welcoming environment on board.

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Flight attendants are taught to think much longer than six months. Of course, the selection of training chosen girls have the necessary data to study and work, after training will be another practice, but vseravno 6 months short term. We need to learn a lot. Girls once and it's great time to cope with its interesting, but dangerous, difficult work.