The ramp of the aircraft
The ramp of the aircraft

The ramp of the aircraft


Ramp - a device that is performing loading and unloading operations on the airplane.

Presented motorized hatch located in the aft or forward fuselage, able to descend to the earth's surface. Usually equipped with a ramp military transport and cargo planes, sometimes the ladder-ramp can be found on airliners.

Ramp aircraft 2

Due to the loading ramp can be carried out directly "on board", ie freight cars drove up to the aircraft closely and may even enter into the cargo compartment.

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Some loads, such as heavy armored vehicles, can only be loaded with a ramp. The dimensions of the ramp of an Airbus Beluga aircraft allow loading the fuselage of another aircraft into it. Also through the open ramp, parachute parachuting of personnel takes place, which flies on a military transport plane. 

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