Arguments about the helicopters in Syria
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Arguments about the helicopters in Syria

Arguments about the helicopters Sirii.Opisanie. Characteristics. 



There is a third world war and reinforcements for the bandits at Palmyra, where not just five thousand militants arrived, but this is a well-armed and trained army, led by former Iraqi generals trained in our Soviet academies. 

«X-true info» - «Attack helicopters and airplanes almost continuously swept over the heads of the enemy by hitting him across the resulting edge. Dozens of terrorists were eliminated rocket bombs ... "

I understand that planes “rush over the heads of enemies”, but helicopters have duties to hover at a certain height and from there to work on machine-gun terrorists with aimed fire, and when they work on the battlefield like an airplane, then the final result no good of them: of the five thousand militants only: "Dozens of terrorists." 
Americans have this question: 
 “... the helicopter is firing either at very low speed, or even hanging. At the same time, the helicopter has a high enough height, not one hundred meters ... If the militants had large-caliber machine guns of the DShK type or anti-aircraft installations Zu-23-2, the Apache could hardly afford such pleasure. ”
 (“Crocodiles” without “alligators” of the MIC).

This "burden" height "more than one hundred meters" not for Mi-24 / 28, their inheritance on the scarcity of headroom to work only at low altitudes and high speeds that they do: "On the other roller" igilovtsy "showed an attack helicopter Mi-35 VKS Russia involved in counter-terrorism operations. The footage is very low rotor helicopter sweeps over the earth »(x-true info).

Arguments about the helicopters Sirii1

Further more: at the Mi-28 when firing cannons Sighting - worse than ever. The gun is spaced from the axes (vertical and horizontal) as far as possible (at the bottom in the nose) to the same gun - from the BMP, which has a very strong recoil. Showing the operation of the gun with the Mi-28 on TV, so the dashboard of shooting looks of washing, but the dashboard, so here about some sighting and can be no question. For example, the Ka-52 such a gun mounted on the right side of the center of mass, and significantly more accurate sighting.
“Says the commander of the BUG (Combat strike group on Ka-50 helicopters in the Chechen war) Colonel Alexander Rudykh:“ The gun 2А42 is generally a song. From a distance of three and a half kilometers the shells fall literally in the top ten. Accordingly, ammunition saved. " 
For this work in a helicopter hovering in the war, it makes sense to use combat helicopters Ka-29, in which the static ceiling = 3700m. not on paper (Mi-28), and in the air! And download it takes a lot more, which significantly increase the efficiency of the combat mission. According to media reports gunmen in tanks and pickup trucks with heavy machine guns came to Palmyra, here and should hang helicopter Ka-29 at an altitude of 2km. and destroy tanks with pickups. One such helicopter on the modern battlefield will cost level Mi-24 / 28 helicopters.

Arguments about the helicopters Sirii2

Why "hang on 2km" because the anti-aircraft gun 3u-23-2 capable of hitting targets only up to a height = 1,5km. and these two km. It would be sufficient for the sighting and tranquil mining crew on terrorists. And missiles "ground-to-air" our helicopters at the moment there is a defense of "GER" The president-C. "
By the way, the helicopter Mi-24 in Afghanistan, due to the lack of reserve power of the engines, took off not in a helicopter manner, as it should be, but from the nose wheel, which was later taught to Mil. Test-pilot G.R. Karapetyan. 

Since then, by inertia, our combat helicopters and operate only at low altitudes. 

And what is the Ka-52?

For highly maneuverable and with plenty of power to his other duties assigned.
"Rush" Alligator "in Syria"
"We hear them. If the pair of "Alligators" took off, means that now a passenger or military transport aircraft will land or take off for take-off. Here you will not be mistaken. The Ka-52 crews cover all the aircraft arriving and departing from the air base Khmeimim on the approach approach and take off. The need for this is dictated by special conditions for carrying out special tasks in Syria. In the case of fire impact on the aircraft, the main task of the Alligator crews is to cover it and destroy the enemy's target, which is on the firing position on the ground. As they say in such cases, take fire on yourself.

Arguments about the helicopters Sirii3

But there are other tasks that the crews of Ka-52 helicopters are doing. It's no secret that in the skies of Syria there were, alas, supernumerary, extraordinary situations. And here in the event of their emergence, the search and rescue Mi-8 with a specially trained group on board, which is accompanied by a pair of "Alligators", flies out for the rescue and evacuation of the crew in distress. Crews of attack helicopters provide cover for the search, rescue and evacuation of the Mi-8 helicopter at all stages - from take-off to landing in the specified area and from take-off to landing at the airfield at Khmeimim. At the same time, they destroy, if necessary, the detected enemy firing points.

- The tasks that we carry out, - said the commander of the crew - is very important, but we must not forget about the main purpose of our attack helicopters. Destroying manpower terrorist groups, he takes over the function of a stormtrooper. We can not just hit lightly armored targets, but also fortified facilities, tanks. And we have to carry out these tasks, the corresponding service. Applying anti-tank guided missiles, we are able to hit 900-mm armor. "
(Alexander Kolotilo, the newspaper "Red Star, 27.10. Otvaga). 

From this interview it is clear that the pilot with the Ka-52, in contrast to the pilots Mi-24, is not afraid of the oncoming small-arms fire using ATGMs. 

Pilot with Mi-24: «After the impact NUR theoretically should open fire with a gun, and then the sharp lapel or flak evasive maneuver. But in practice, if the opponent responds with fire, the gun is better to skip, and immediately peel off "- shares the secrets of tactics Pilot" ( "Crocodiles" without the "alligators" MIC).

And I do not fit into my head: how to mass-produce and long-combat helicopter flight characteristics of the last century, but still moist, not adjusted to the desired state? Engines from Mi-28N like modern VC-2500, but their power is limited to old TV3-117, because the gears can drive the chip. Even with a limited capacity for this reason, in April this year a "combat" helicopter killed two high-fliers, as well as twice previously killed by the pilot and high-class, too, Russian heroes.
Today, in Syria, any old technology is used: both the MiG-23 and the Su-22 (export version of the old-old Su-17), and the old Soviet tanks bring corresponding benefits in expelling enemies. In the same vein, Mi-28H helicopters are used and also benefit. 

Arguments about the helicopters Sirii4

But the "benefit" -That is different. Currently helicopters to the site of the fighting must come to 360k / h speed, but not 260k / h as it is today. There were cases, when US military helicopters "Apache" at this speed in Yugoslavia and Iraq stray peasants from hunting rifles.

And helicopters with high-speed characteristics were offered by Kamov in the last century, but in order not to undermine the authority of the Mi helicopters, these projects were rejected under various clever pretexts. How would they be useful in the same Palmyra instead of the obsolete and weak on the battlefield Mi-24 / 28. 
Below I give pictures of these real fighters of the modern war, capable of hovering at a height unattainable for small arms and destroying terrorists with all possible weapons, including anti-tank guided missiles. 

Arguments about the helicopters Sirii5

The Rotorcraft-100, the crew of two people fighting 3t load, dynamic 6500m ceiling.
maximum speed 450k / h, range 700km action.


Arguments about the helicopters Sirii6

Helicopter In-50 helicopter longitudinal circuit capable of quickly redeploy troops in the hot spot. Design speed -400k / h.
ar will inflict and 
Much greater use should have been by a pair of combat helicopters Ka-Ka-52 and 50, than from a pair of Mi-28N who are not afraid of blows to the tail boom. Commando attack helicopters Mi-24 long overdue to be replaced by more powerful and high-speed type B-50; the destruction of armored vehicles on the battlefield need to work high speed vertibirds type B-100, then the loss will be much smaller and the result is much higher. And to replace them should come more sophisticated and modern, high-speed Ka-92, 102-Ka and Ka-90!

And "Mi"? 

Designers cost centers, single CB, which are regularly allocated huge sums from the state budget to "Nira" and "R & D", so that "the flag in their hands" and let them build pravdashnie modern helicopters, not perelitsovyvat Mi-24, because worn-out junk new already It will never be as it is does not redraw.

Vitalii Belyaev

Vitaly, why are you criticizing Mi products so zealously? And you praise the helicopters of the Arsenyevsky plant just as zealously with foam at the mouth? Do you think there are simpletons in the Ministry of Defense and do not even know what "wonderful" Ka helicopters are! Confess right away how much you were paid for the article by Kamovtsy?

"Do you want to annoy the person - accused him of its faults!"

Alexander, and how you have managed over the Internet to see my "foam at the mouth?" By kamovtsam I have never had and do not have anything, though, because I live from Moscow, a thousand kilometers away. And kamovtsam pay "for the article" is not a why, because they are funded by the Russian Government as a residual:
"In 2004 year to develop the project Mi-28N Ministry of Defence has spent hundreds of millions of rubles. The State Defense Order 2005 years considered the initial batch production of the Mi-28N. As for Ka-50, in the current year kamovtsam it got about 100 times less money. " (Source:. News agency «Lenta.Ru» published 29.10.2004.)
As I see it, the reason for your love "simpletons of the Ministry of Defense" to helicopters "Mi" in another:
"I was told that the Mi-28 advertising is not needed, and so he will go into service, although formally contest lost. Arguments that this is not about advertising a particular helicopter, and the advertising opportunities of all domestic defense industry, actions had no effect. In the end I just said, the money needed to highlight the picture, it is better to give the generals and civilian officials, the solution of which depended on the adoption of a helicopter on board. Corruption in its purest form. " (Military Review. April 6 2013. Unearthly "Alligator" beauty).

Who's Vitaly Belyaev? An expert in the field of aviation? Why do not you introduce yourself?

Vitaly Belyaev. In the past, a helicopter pilot, have attacked the helicopter about 9000chasov, in particular on Mi-8 - 4000chasov; Mi-6-1000chasov.Segodnya - retired!