Wingspan (1986).
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Wingspan (1986).

Wingspan (1986).


  • Country USSR.
  • Director Gennady verbs.
  • Starring: Evgeny Karelskikh, Vladimir ZamanskySergei SazontovVyacheslav BaranovVitaly Doroshenko



Actions disaster movie revolves around a passenger the IL-18, Follow the course of Khabarovsk, Sverdlovsk, with a perfect landing in Irkutsk. During the flight, the plane had two engines at the same time denied that makes further flight passenger liner extremely dangerous.



Your destination is more about 3 hours of flight, and the nearest airport closed due to poor weather conditions, which practically reduces the chances of the passengers of the ill-fated voyage to naught. Nevertheless, the pilots take risky actions and continue the flight, trying by all means at any cost to get to their destination in order to save the lives of tens of passengers.



Chances enough, but experienced pilots are trying to do the impossible, because the responsibility is now lying on their shoulders.



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