Dimensions helipad
Dimensions helipad

Dimensions helipad


Dimensions helipad in our time can be quite different depending on the devices that will land on the site. First of all, it should be noted that the helipad - is not nothing but a piece of land or building's roof, which has a special equipment for making and maintenance of helicopters. It should be understood that the helipad, regardless of its size is part of the heliport.

Dimensions helipad depend on many factors in its use. These objects can be both temporary and long-term use. Also, the dimensions depend on the destination site. Namely, they can be designed for landing helicopters carved from small weight training machines and trucks to vehicles with a large mass. In addition, some platforms are designed for small helicopters with takeoff.


As for helipads for cargo helicopters, they are much larger than the area for landing training machines. We must remember that for different weight categories of helicopters needed to manufacture landing sites with specific parameters. There are also a special area for helicopter landing medical care, geological research or other special services. These objects are usually constructed in remote places and have specific parameters.

It must be remembered that in addition to the size of the planting fabric should take into account the surrounding objects to allow safe landing approach helicopters of various classes.


At the equipment of sites for take-off and landing of helicopters can be used various materials, but with the maximum mass of helicopters. Typically, they are made of aluminum panels or the asphalt concrete.


The most common helipads in our country and abroad have a size in 20 * 20 meters for small helicopters and training 50 * 50 for large vehicles or passenger cars. But these dimensions without the entire territory of the heliport. In recent years, increasingly carry helicopters landing on the roofs of houses in the center of big cities. It will also create a platform that has enhanced safety performance.

Despite the size of the site, it must have appropriate markup for accurate and safe landing. To do this, in the summer, the markings are applied with white paint, and in winter with black for greater visibility. In addition, the borders of the helipad should have lighting for night flights.