Let me off! (1971).
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Let me off! (1971).

Allow takeoff! (1971). 


  • Country USSR.
  • Directed by Natalia Troshchenko Anatoly Vehotko.

Leisurely life lives airfield, situated in the desert. They have a new employee, the pilot Dimka. Because of what the old Sahno who gave flight and his beloved profession for many years, it is necessary to leave the cockpit and move to dispatching service.

Let me off! (1971). Film. Cinema. Reviews. Criticism.


Immediately after passing the post in the sky takes an unexpected situation in the IL-14 not produced right chassis. To cope with this problem can only skilled pilot who has devoted a lifetime. Under the leadership of Sahno crew board finds at least some hope, they are confident that all will end well.

In the film, characterized by a double situation. On the one hand the movie exemplary. The film is acting, exciting plot, humor and technical elements "world standards".

Let me off! (1971). Film. Cinema. Reviews. Criticism.


The film is easy to understand, and the perception of the audience. By itself, a very correct. You look at it and admire how all good and just. The picture reveals the audience throughout the brightness, splendor, it is filled with details, elements that are deposited in the head than a draw. The film can be reviewed again and again.


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