Exploration teams (units Squadron)
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Exploration teams (units Squadron)


Exploration teams (units Squadron) is understood as intelligence on the principle of power (exploration to fight).

Over the battlefield, under strong opposition from the enemy aircraft, work (battlefield surveillance, communications, artillery service, Command) is usually carried out under the cover of its fighters. Similarly, with the assistance of fighters sometimes carried out tactical intelligence; in this case the intelligence fighters pushed through the front or meet them (at the front).

Night exploration requires special equipment that would bring the plane to an object, and intelligence. make observation (devices providing blind flight, and lighting tools).

Character aircraft equipment depends on the depth of the flight; for example, an army scout will sometimes need a special radio equipment (DF unit), and a radio operator.

The success of every night reconnaissance depends upon the sudden appearance of the object, which is achieved, in particular, the planned flight with the muffled engine.

At night, a survey of the whole area by plane, long routes and so on. N. Difficult; so a night reconnaissance is organized to show individual objects. The roads are viewed only a few small areas. Exploration of entire regions one aircraft excluded.

Night aerial reconnaissance by the method of execution - visual.

Night photography requires artificial light (flares and parachute illuminating shells) or the use of infrared rays. Recent experiments Americans to photograph at night yielded positive results.


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