Speech informant aircraft
Speech informant aircraft

Speech informant aircraft

Speech informant is an electronic device that provides automatic transfer of pre-programmed messages in information channels.


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Speech informant in aviation - is equipment intended for the transmission of tips, voice messages and commands to the crew in difficult or critical situations.

On the domestic aircraft as voice informants primarily use the system RI-65B. Voice messages voiced by a female voice, so the pilots it was called "Rita" (foreign pilots called system of "Betty"). A woman's voice is used for several reasons: in carriages women are a rarity, a female voice is distinctly cleaner and SPM, attracts attention. If the tape begins to "pull" because of lack of food, to recognize the man's voice will be difficult because of the low-frequency tone.

The recording of voice messages is performed on the magnetic tape of the terrestrial device RI-65-50. From the on-board sensors and systems, the signals are sent to the RI-65-10 unit. There the tape drive mechanism is switched on, the voice playback is selected and its automatic playback is performed to the crew headphones via the SPU amplifier. If several signals are received simultaneously, the selection of messages is carried out according to the priority of their importance, in order of increasing the number of channels. The repetition of messages will continue until the alarm disappears.

If the signal pulse (short-term), the message is automatically repeated twice. To stop the flow of messages has a separate button or switch on the dashboard. The STC posts by RI-65 recorded voice recorders (so-called black boxes "). Some messages, notifying an accident can automatically flow into the ether.

Depending on the type of aircraft the text content of the messages varies greatly. All messages inform about achieving the limit modes of flight, failure of systems and combat aircraft - the emergence of a threat.

There are also ground-based version of the system, called RI-65N. Other famous speech informants - "Diamond", AMC-28.
The power of the speech informant as an emergency warning system is the electric current passing through the rectifier from the aircraft’s on-board generator. The device is connected to the battery bus, where it receives electricity in case of an accident. 

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