"Aeroflot" reforms. Optimization, reduction and positive effect.
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"Aeroflot" reforms. Optimization, reduction and positive effect.

"Aeroflot" reforms. Optimization, reduction and positive effect.


The crisis that has manifested itself in Russia's civil aviation forces the leadership of many domestic air carriers to think about their further development steps that would help to establish effective activity in passenger transportation both during the crisis and at the end of the crisis period. Part of the air carriers tries to minimize their losses by eliminating unprofitable air routes, some reduce the cost of air tickets, trying to attract passengers and make the greatest possible competition to other airlines, etc. Not so long ago, there were reports that the largest Russian carrier Aeroflot intends to carry out a number of reforms, in particular, to unite all its subsidiaries under a single brand.



At the moment, the details of the current reform remain very vague, but experts suggest that the development of only two main areas of activity will minimize any losses. At the same time, it should be clarified that initially experts believed that the merger is unlikely to change the situation in the airline's activity, however, after the information appeared that Aeroflot will develop two main vectors in its policy - the premium segment and low-budget air transportation , Almost all the details fell into place. In other words, the domestic air operator will offer its passengers either expensive services or cheap air transportation, moreover, representatives of the airline do not exclude that all activities will be divided approximately into equal parts, within a few percent.



Experts do not exclude that due to the upcoming reforms, part of Aeroflot's air fleet will remain unclaimed, and therefore the air carrier can minimize the cost of servicing and leasing its aircraft, and this is just one of the advantages. Among other things, by promoting exclusively the premium segment and low-cost air travel, the domestic airline will not only be able to provide maximum satisfaction among its passengers, but will actually gain absolute popularity among other Russian airlines, bringing profitability to the maximum.



There is in all this, and a positive effect on Russian civil aviation as a whole - the price of air tickets can fall on 50-70%, which will provide citizens with quality services at radically new level.

The exact date of the associations affiliated carriers SC "Aeroflot" under a single brand remains unknown, but experts believe that in the current economic conditions, it may take a 3-4 years.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro