Requiem for MH370: anniversary since the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner
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Requiem for MH370: anniversary since the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner

Requiem for MH370: anniversary since the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner.


Since the mysterious disappearance of a passenger airliner «Malaysia Airlines» was held for two years, however, despite the fact that the search operation involved hundreds of people and dozens of sea and air vehicles, detect the crash passenger airliner could not even today.



To date, the operation to search for the crash site airliner Boeing 777 disappeared over the Indian Ocean territory has become one of the most expensive and the longest in the history of world aviation, however, even modern tools do not allow at least roughly set the crash passenger airliner - at the moment this version is the main, however, it is possible that after the discovery of the wreckage of the aircraft, it can be changed.



In the two years since the disappearance of a passenger airliner which was carrying 239 people (12 crew and 225 passengers) already sounded far not a single version of the possible causes of the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft, in particular, we considered options for the explosion on board the aircraft, hijacking terrorists version crash-related technical problems, etc. however, even today, none of them has been officially neither confirmed nor refuted.

At the same time it is worth paying attention to the fact that last year MH370 flight fuselage fragment found on the coast of the island of Reunion, and according to some reports, last Medel fuselage of a large airliner was also found and about poberezhbya Mozambique that may indicate that find the crashed plane still be able in the near future.



It should be clarified that the plane of the airline "Malaysia Airlines" has disabled transponders after the last communication session in 1 hour 19 minutes, and at about 1 hour 21 minute changed its course. Attempts to contact the crew of the passenger airliner were unsuccessful, however, according to official data, approximately at 1 an hour 52 minutes the plane appeared on the radar near the island of Penang, which indicates the fact that the aircraft could not abruptly crash. Moreover, according to signals from the satellite, the aircraft could be in the air from the moment of its disappearance not less than 6-7 hours, however, it was not possible to find the location of the aircraft.

It is possible that, given what happened, world experts will be able to develop a new security concept of flight, as practice shows, even modern technologies have failed to save the lives of hundreds of people, it is possible to minimize the number of air incidents.


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