Rehearsal for the Victory Day in Simferopol
Rehearsal of "Victory Day" in Simferopol

Rehearsal of "Victory Day" in Simferopol / Sevastopol


Day and evening of May 4-remembered citizens of Sevastopol delightful presentation that they could witness their homes. The air mastery over their machines possession showed pilots school DOSAAF. They perform complex shapes flying skills, which have been additionally complicated by weather conditions.


Rehearsal for the Victory Day in Simferopol 1

Cloudy weather and squally wind stopped until the last performance of paratroopers from Moscow and Sevastopol, but the athletes have decided to still hold a performance in chet 70-anniversary of the liberation of the native heart of the city from the Nazis. Almost all the elements have been fully implemented, only a few have been reduced because of the strong wind - 15 meters per second.


Rehearsal for the Victory Day in Simferopol 3


Home holiday opened a landing on the Sevastopol bay. This was observed not less than 5,000 citizens. He continued his speech an absolute champion in helicopter sport Harry Georkov showing on Mi-2 real miracles. His performance was very popular with the audience. No less emotion was caused by the presentation of Gennady Cherkassky. 


Rehearsal for the Victory Day in Simferopol 5

As mentioned above, the strong wind did not stop paratroopers. This was carried out aiming landing. Participating in it were dressed in Soviet form, in order to immediately transfer the flowers to veterans. One of the Marines handed rare plate to transfer the Black Sea Fleet.


Rehearsal for the Victory Day in Simferopol 545


Overall, the holiday showed how united resident of Simferopol. In addition, once domestic pilots and paratroopers showed their skills, confirming the title of the best specialists. At the festival there were a lot of children who live with and a genuine interest watched the scene in the sky, so the change from the current defenders of the motherland is certainly there.