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Flight Tashkent - Tel Aviv

Flight Tashkent - Tel Aviv



   Among the many flights on this route, the most interesting is the direct, non-stop flight operated by the Uzbekistan carrier Uzbekistan Airways. The national airline (NAC), otherwise called “Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Airways”, has a fairly good fleet of aircraft and high reputation in the post-Soviet space.

   The flight is carried out on Boeing 757 и Boeing 767. The technical condition of equipment and qualification of pilots at a very high level. This is proven by many years of experience not only on local routes, but in many major airports of the world specialists know how skilled and reliable partners. Tashkent port, of course, has its drawbacks, first of all the organization. Very long check baggage claim.

It is very noticeable arriving at Ben-Gurion. One of the best and most modern airports. The maximum half an hour later, with luggage in hand, you find yourself in the way of the Promised Land. Particular attention is paid to safety. I must say that the main air gate of Israel is considered the most reliable and safe haven for the world's aircraft. And the system of monitoring and inspection so perfect that they are completely invisible at first glance.

Multi-level verification for registration and access to the city excludes emergency and hazardous incidents. Not a single serious accident during the existence of an object, say a lot. This work is specially trained professional psychologists, attracting dogs and most advanced technical equipment. Unique scanner for prosvetki luggage and teplodatchiki responsive to the temperature of the person and recorded his perspiration. All the secrets not disclosed, but a set of security measures as the best.

The flight itself is also very interesting. If almost all the countries of the approach is carried out with the most optimal hand, the feature of Ben-Gurion is approaching at low altitude with the groans of the Mediterranean Sea. This, too, is part of an overall plan of safety, and passengers have a wonderful opportunity to observe while the ground at low altitude, and for quite a lot of time.

Pilot requirements are high. There have been cases when, when dispatchers had doubts, IDF fighters took off and the plane landed at another airport. However, such excesses did not happen with the Tashkent flight. By the way, with a distance of 3 km, you shouldn't be surprised that the flight lasts more than 500 hours. The route is not straight. This is impossible from the point of view of the increased danger of the territories over which one would have to fly. Therefore, having taken off from Tashkent, the plane through the countries of the Caucasus and Turkey, comes from the other side. Entry is carried out from the side of Cyprus.

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