Rating airports in Russia
Rating airports in Russia

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Practically the same importance for the passenger during the flight, as the aircraft itself, airport. After all, here we have to wait for their flight and spend a lot of time before departure, transfers between and after. The airport is a rather complex structure, which consists of several complexes terminal, room service aircraft and airfield. In any airport terminal there, which operate a variety of services, such as baggage and cargo services and border control.

In each large airport there are several terminals and lobbies for passengers. Each person who decides to fly to the destination on the plane, first passes the primary control in order to determine the presence of substances prohibited in the baggage. Then the future passenger goes to the check-in counter, where he hands over his luggage and checks his passenger tickets. A tag with an identifier is stuck on the luggage, and the passenger passes to the next control zone. If you carry baggage that exceeds the import norms, you will have to pay a serious fine. Therefore, it is worth checking in advance through the Internet or when buying a ticket, the weight of the baggage, which can be carried free of charge.

List of the busiest passenger airports in Russia 2014 year

Place Airport City Code Group Passenger traffic Change Pos.
(IATA / ICAO) million people
1. Domodedovo Moscow DME / UUDD - 33,04
2. Sheremetyevo Moscow SVO / UUEE MASH 31,57
3. Pulkovo St. Petersburg LED / ULLI - 14,26
4. Vnukovo Moscow VKO / UUWW - 12,73
5. Koltsovo Ekaterinburg SVX / USSS Airports Regions 4,526
6. Tolmachevo Novosibirsk OVB / UNNT Novaport 3,957
7. Paszkowski Krasnodar KRR / URKK Basel Aero 3,4
8. Sochi Sochi AER / URSS Basel Aero 3,1
9. Simferopol Simferopol SIP / UKFF - 2,8 -
10. Ufa Ufa UFA / UWUU - 2,381 ▼ 1
11. Kurumoch Samara KUF / UWWW Airports Regions 2,377
12. Rostov-on-Don Rostov-on-Don ROV / URRR Airports Regions 2,342 ▼ 2
13. Emelyanovo Krasnoyarsk KJA / UNKL - 2,066
14. New Khabarovsk KHV / UHHH - 2,038 ▼ 2
15. Kazan Kazan KZN / UWKD - 1,942
16. Mineral water Mineral water MRV / URMM Aeroinvest 1,922 ▲ 1
17. Knevichi Vladivostok VVO / UHWW MASH 1,792 ▼ 3
18. Irkutsk Irkutsk IKT / UIII - 1,713 ▼ 2
19. Khrabrovo Kaliningrad KGD / UMKK Aeroinvest 1,46
20. Balandin Chelyabinsk CEK / USCC Novaport 1,404 ▲ 1
21. Roshchino Tyumen TJM / USTR Novaport 1,369 ▼ 3
22. Surgut Surgut SGC / USRR - 1,358 ▼ 2
23. Bolshoye Savino Permian PEE / USPP - 1,319 ▼ 1
24. Strigino Nizhny Novgorod GOJ / UWGG Airports Regions 1,132
25. Omsk-Central Omsk OMS / UNOO - 1,045 ▼ 2
26. Vityazevo Anapa AAQ / URKA Basel Aero 1 ▲ 2
27. Yakutsk Yakutsk YKS / UEEE - 0,87 ▼ 1
28. Khomutovo Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk UUS / UHSS - 0,854 ▼ 3
29. Talagi Arkhangelsk ARH / ULAA - 0,801 ▼ 2
30. New Urengoy New Urengoy NUX / USMU - 0,758 ▼ 1


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Control is divided into two zones: red and green. Green corridor used by passengers who are carrying with cigarettes, currency and spirits within the allowable special requirements. Red same corridor used for baggage that exceeds the norm, and if you need to pay additional fees to those items specified in the rules of use of airlines.

Upon completion of this procedure, all the passengers are in the landing zone. Normally delivery to the aircraft used by the bus. Some airports have special sleeves, through which people can take from the airport to the aircraft itself, without going outside. Each Samoletnaya park has a unique marking, in accordance with which the airplane is directed onto the strip takeoff. I do not know what to give their preference to the airport? Airports Russian rating will help you to decide on their choice.

The luggage compartment of the airport. What is going on with our luggage, when we put on tape reception? Each bag gets its own number, which becomes part of the database, and is encoded in the barcode. Each bag passes through the check scanner, which checks it for the presence of prohibited articles. This entire process is automated to the maximum destinations.

If the suitcase is not found nothing illegal, then it is sent for sorting. When a prohibited substance or object were found in the luggage sent additional inspection, where he checked a few scanners, which are highly sensitive. If this time has not passed baggage control, manually inspect the bag.

Each airline makes its own set of rules for testing and storage, and also imposes restrictions on the size and weight of hand baggage. After a successful test baggage for shipment is, where it takes a special truck and deliver the cargo compartment.

You probably want to know what the largest Russian airport? It is Moscow's Domodedovo airport. It was found in the year 2012, in that the largest airport in passenger turnover in Russia. Domodedovo also ranked in the top busiest airports in Europe. It is located in 22 kilometers from Moscow to the south-east of the capital's center. Interestingly, Domodedovo is the only airport in Moscow, which can simultaneously carry on its operations bands takeoff and landing.

Annually, the airport serves more than 28 million passengers. He has a lot of partners, both among Russian airlines, and among overseas. Russian - 28, and foreign - 48. Flights are operated by 247 destinations around the world, among which there are unique, which are made for the Moscow aviation hub.

The airport is able to serve and take even giant passenger "Airbus A380." Now it is planned construction of additional runways, extension of the perimeter, the improvement of the capacity and the opening of a new railway station. For passengers using the airport was convenient to him periodically go Aeroexpress trains that go non-stop, as well as taxis, buses and electric trains.

All news aircraft, airports and air shipments can be found on the avia.pro. If you want to know what other airports in the country are popular, read Airports Russian rating.

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