Robinson R22. A photo
Robinson R22. A photo. Characteristics. History.

Robinson R22


Robinson R22- commercial lightweight double helicopter company «Robinson Helicopter», USA. Prototype R22, took to the air for the first time 28.08.1975. More than 3000 such helicopters operated in 60 the world. The latest model of helicopter is the name R22 BetaII.


Robinson R22. Photo 1.

Robinson R22. A photo

Equipped with a petrol engine piston Lycoming O360, adapted for use at temperatures of up to -30 + 40 degrees Celsius guaranteed plaque to overhaul 2200 hours navigation equipment enables to make flights at any time of the day. A characteristic feature of this model of governance, like other helicopters Robinson, - T-handle cyclic step.


Robinson R22. Photo booths

Robinson R22. Photo booths.


Features helicopter Robinson R22:



  • Number of seats: 1 

  • Crew: 1 

  • The speed at FL: 175km / h 

  • Range: 385km 

  • Takeoff weight: 635kg 


Robinson R22. Gallery.

Robinson R22 before takeoffRobinson R22 photos backRobinson R22 helicopter prepares for takeoff

Robinson R22 runwayRobinson R22 after flightRobinson R22 details helicopter

Robinson R22 in flight photo belowRobinson R22 cockpitRobinson R22 helicopter flies

Robinson R22 on helipadRobinson R22 photo frontRobinson R22 photo Side



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