Robinson R66
Robinson R66. A photo. Characteristics. History.

Robinson R66



R66 - first helicopter Robinson with GTE RollsRoyce RR300, specially designed for R66. The helicopter has become much more cabin has increased, and now there was the additional rear seat, so now there is located 3 man also has a huge roomy trunk.


Robinson R66. Photo.

Robinson R66. Photo.


The standard R66 equipped with leather seats and landing lights with high-intensity discharge lamps. It is important to bear in mind that price RobinsonR66urbine standard 770000 dollarov- lowest price in the world gas turbine helicopter. Helicopter available in various models, which are intended to resolve specific problems.


Robinson R66. Photo salon

Robinson R66. Photos of the cabin.


Robinson R66. Photo booths

Robinson R66. Photo booths.


Features helicopter Robinson R66:


  • The greatest number of passengers: 1 + 4

  • Maximum speed: 240 km / h

  • The speed at FL: 222 km / h

  • Rate of climb: 5m / sec

  • Range: 610km

  • Flight duration: 3,2ch

  • Working altitude: 3050m

  • The highest altitude: 4270m

  • Aerodynamic quality: 4,7

  • Number of engines: 1

  • Engine Model: RollsRoyseRR300

  • Engine Type: turbine

  • Power system: distributed injection chamber

  • Fuel: kerosene

  • Cruising power: 240l.s.

  • Takeoff power: 300l.s

  • Fuel consumption: 88l / h

  • Doors: 4

  • Fuselage length: 9,00m

  • The length of the fuselage with a screw: 11,66m

  • The diameter of the rotor: 10,6m

  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 1,524m

  • Height: 3,48m

  • Track chassis 2,16m

  • Full take-off weight: 1225kg

  • Payload: 580kg

  • Fuel tank capacity: 285l

  • Climatic conditions: from -50 to + 50 ° C


Robinson R66. Gallery

Robinson R66 photo helicopterRobinson R66 in flightRobinson R66 helicopter on the runway

Robinson R66 photo SideRobinson R66 in flight view from aboveRobinson R66 details helicopter

Robinson R66 in the grassRobinson R66 with the pilots in the cockpitRobinson R66 helicopter cabin

Robinson R66 helicopter after the flightRobinson R66 on helipadRobinson R66 front of hangar



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