Rod aviation. Aviation branch.
Rod aviation. Aviation branch.

Rod aviation. Aviation branch.



Aircraft for the Air Force developed a wide variety of destinations. Depending on the purpose of the main vessels flying aircraft are divided into species.

The main kind of military aircraft

  • Fighter
  • fighter-bomber
  • Assault
  • Bomber
  • Intelligence
  • special
  • transport

The tasks of fighter aircraft include intercepting enemy aircraft and attacking air targets. The fighters are called upon to establish dominance in this sector of air space and to "clean" it of enemy aircraft. They can accompany other vessels. Sometimes, protection of objects is added to the main task. Despite its aggressive name, fighters belong to the defensive forces. These are, as a rule, small aircraft, which are characterized by high maneuverability and the ability to quickly retire. Sometimes fighters engage in reconnaissance flights. To destroy land and sea targets, fighter aircraft is rarely used.



Fighter-bombers has more offensive in nature and designed to destroy ground and sea targets from the air. Compared with the fighters, these aircraft - heavier and more: fighter-bombers carry the missiles and bombs.

Both aircraft and helicopters can be used as ground attack aircraft. The main purpose of assault aviation is to support ground forces and defeat enemy targets that are in the immediate vicinity of the front line. Their tasks assault aircraft performs, mainly, from low altitude or on a flying flight. In a bombing attack, attack aircraft are significantly inferior to bombers, so they have a limited range. In connection with the change in the military doctrine of the USSR, at one time, the assault aviation as the Air Force was completely abolished, and its tasks were transferred to the fighter-bomber forces. But, with the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, the need has become actualized and officially type of aircraft refill the stormtroopers.



Bombers are more restricted in maneuverability. Their main task - to defeat long-range goals. The difference between the bomber and fighter-bomber sometimes quite blurred: the planes, which are created for one, could eventually be used for other purposes.

The aerial reconnaissance is now often operate aircraft drones and balloons. Their main task - to collect information about the enemy.

Aircraft of one purpose or another may perform tasks not inherent to them. For example, some types of fighter and attack aircraft often serve as refueling aircraft. A helicopter, in general, is not inherent in the function of attack aircraft, as such. Many military aircraft are multipurpose.