Romantic. Pilot. Writer. Saint-Exupery.
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Romantic. Pilot. Writer. Saint-Exupery.

Romantic. Pilot. Writer. Saint-Exupery.


Antoine de Saint-Exupery is known to the whole world as the author of “The Little Prince” - a fairy tale for adults, which is so loved by children. But he did not seek to create a children's book, it is rather a philosophical parable about life, filled with deep symbols that are so dear to the author himself. Antoine de Saint-Exupery said about his works: “Look for me in what I write ...”, and he had two favorite topics: people, and flights. 

"If you knew what I have an irresistible urge to fly!" - Antoine wrote when still learning to drive by air. And all his life he was obsessed with aviation. His first flight he made when serving in the army. After the army he worked for several years a civil pilot.

He gained his plane, and participated in various competitions. During this time, his lot fell a lot of test: his planes were broken many times, and Saint-Exupery miraculously remained alive. He described all these experiences in his works, which he created in parallel with the main work of the pilot, and was awarded several literary awards. Then there was the Second World War, in which he seeks to participate - so he hated the role of an observer. He is recognized only fit for the ground service, but he stubbornly gets his way, and selflessly fights in the sky, constantly risking his life. 

During the war he had lost most of his fellow pilots, received many serious injuries, suffered several accidents. However, with a strained health and impaired because of injuries coordination, suffering pain, he again sits in the pilot's seat, going on a reconnaissance flight from the island of Sardinia. That flight was his last. Under very mysterious circumstances, his plane fell into the sea. Ironically, he died not in the air, as he wanted, but in the water, as the fortune teller had predicted to him shortly before. 


But Saint-Exupery so passionately loved not planes. And, most likely, not even the endless sky. It drew that exhilarating freedom that acquires, when off the ground. After taking off, it leaves this world of absurd rules, silly laws, boring conventions. This is what he wrote in "The Little Prince"- The people who are mired in the mundane, lost the ability to wonder and to be happy, as only children can. This fairy tale for adults, Antoine de Saint-Exupery summed up his life and shared with mankind's most valuable treasure that you can find in the world - wisdom.