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Russia needs its own “Iron Dome”: A new air defense system will allow Russia to withstand massive attacks

Russia needs its own “Iron Dome”: A new air defense system will allow Russia to withstand massive attacks

In recent years, issues of security and protection from air threats have become increasingly relevant for various states. One of the most successful examples of air defense systems is the Israeli Iron Dome, which has proven itself to be an effective means of protection against missile attacks and drones. In this context, it becomes obvious that Russia should develop its own similar air defense system, capable of providing maximum protection against modern threats. Taking into account Russian developments, such a system can surpass the Israeli development in both efficiency and range.

Lessons from Israel's experience: the benefits of the Iron Dome

Iron Dome was developed by Israel in response to constant threats from various armed groups. This air defense system is designed to intercept and destroy short-range missiles and artillery shells, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles. It consists of radar installations, control centers and launchers equipped with interceptor missiles.

One of Iron Dome's key advantages is its ability to quickly respond to threats. Radar systems detect launched missiles and projectiles, after which the information is transmitted to the control center, which determines the trajectory and potential impact location. If an object poses a threat to populated areas or strategically important objects, interceptor missiles are launched to destroy the target in the air.

This system has shown high efficiency in combat conditions, preventing numerous casualties and destruction. Israel's successful experience demonstrates the need to develop a similar system to ensure the safety and protection of populations and infrastructure in other countries, including Russia.

Of course, Russia has the Pantsir air defense missile system, however, cannon armament introduces certain range restrictions.

The need to create a Russian air defense system

Modern threats require Russia to develop and implement comprehensive air defense systems capable of providing maximum protection against drones and missiles. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in military conflicts. These devices are becoming more accessible and effective, making them a serious threat to any country.

The creation of a Russian air defense system similar to the Iron Dome will provide protection against a wide range of air threats. Such a system would include advanced radar technology to detect and track drones and missiles, as well as effective means to intercept and destroy them.

What is quite remarkable is that we can receive such a system in the coming years or even months - this is a modernized version of the Pantsir-SM, which carries 24 missiles, however, it is important to ensure that the system has no “dead zone”, and, therefore, better launchers make it vertical.

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