Rossiya Airlines: advantages and peculiarities of the work of a young Russian airline
Rossiya Airlines: advantages and peculiarities of the work of a young Russian airline

Rossiya Airlines: advantages and peculiarities of the work of a young Russian airline

The transfer between cities and countries due to aviation transport is the fastest and most comfortable way to overcome a considerable distance.

Today many airlines offer their services. Among such one of the most popular is the Russian carrier - Rossiya Airlines. Every year more than three million passengers fly on the sides of its aircraft.

The company started its activity in 2011 and in a short time managed to win the trust of its customers. Today Rossiya Airlines is the largest air carrier, which operates flights to different parts of the Earth and actively cooperates with other aviation companies, such as "Ural Airlines" and etc.

The main starting points are in Vnukovo - Moscow airport, as well as St. Petersburg Pulkovo.

The pilot fleet serving the company's aircraft is ICAO, which confirms its high professional level. Pilots fly in different directions, are able to successfully cope with the management of aircraft, even in the most unfavorable weather conditions. From passengers who have used the services Rossiya Airlines, you can hear a lot of positive feedback about the company's work and its high level of service.

Advantages of the company's work with independent estimates of passengers

To determine the positive aspects of the airline and assess the level of service, numerous reviews of passengers were analyzed that flew flights using the capabilities of Rossiya Airlines.

Aircraft used by the company for making flights, both outside and inside, look neat, do not have visible damage. Salons of aviation vessels are clean and well-groomed, they have enough free space. The board provides meals for passengers. Attitude to traveling people from the side of the staff is attentive and courteous.

Many passengers praise the work not only flight attendants, but also pilots providing a soft takeoff and landing, informing during the flight about the weather outside, the remaining time before arrival and other interesting facts.

Rossiya Airlines, despite its young age, managed to achieve excellent results in the provision of services for the transportation of passengers using air transport. Today, in the framework of improving its activities, it is planned to expand the aircraft fleet, work on improving the power supply on the sides and ensuring the safety of passengers.

Not the first time on the site I meet the term "aircraft". Wild and non-existent concept, because in the world there is the term "aircraft", and if it is inclined by the rules of the Russian language, we get "aircraft".

I live not far from St. Petersburg, and often fly this airline. Always happy with everything, always on top. To them on board, as in a home native.

Recently returned from Florence. There flew by Russia, back Alitalia. So: service a / k Russia is much better, the aircraft is newer, the staff is more affable and polite. The attitude of cabin crew Alitalia to passengers - generally beyond the edge, my friends and I were very unpleasantly surprised.