Russia will spend more than 7,5 MHR. rub. to create a high-speed helicopter
Russia will spend more than 7,5 MHR. rub. to create a high-speed helicopter

Russia will spend more than 7,5 billion rubles. rub. 

to create a high-speed helicopter


According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slyusarev, the Russian Federation is planning to spend more than 7,5 billion rubles for the creation of high-speed helicopter. These funds will be sought from the state budget to fund the project will be the company "Russian Helicopters".

According to experts' expectations of the company's launch of a series of helicopter will begin 2020 year. The difference between the helicopter from other projects is that it is done not for military purposes, and the needs of the market, and today it has customers who are ready to make it at a specified price.

May 2013 brought the news that the above mentioned holding and the Ministry of Defence and Industry launched research work on the creation of a new helicopter, the operation of which was to start in 2018-2020 years.

The first stage will show samples whose speed will be 25% higher than that of existing helicopters. The second phase of the project will show much faster cars. An example of the machines of the first stage is the Ka-90, whose speed will exceed 800 km / h. 

The creation of a new type of high-speed helicopter will positively affect the Russian economy. Such devices will be in demand not only in the civilian sphere, but also in the military, since in addition to speed (which will allow for faster special operations and tactical strikes) these devices will also have increased maneuverability, which is especially important in countering portable air defense. In addition to economic growth, Russia's prestige will also grow, which will appear in the eyes of the world not only as the largest supplier of resources, but also as a producer of high-tech equipment.

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