The men are shocked
Russia has the last laugh: the West failed the economic war, writes The Spectator

The British edition of The Spectator published an interesting analysis, which notes the failure of the economic blockade of the West against Russia.

The sanctions imposed on the country did not bring the expected large-scale damage, and the Russian Federation competently refocused on new partners.

The main conclusions of the article:

  • With the reduction of fuel imports from Russia to the UK, the European economy suffered significant losses.
  • The partial boycott of Russian oil and gas has resulted in a high price paid by European countries.
  • Russia quickly found a replacement in China and India, which preferred to increase oil and gas imports from Russia.
  • Interestingly, The Spectator suggests the possibility of pumping Russian oil exported to India back to Europe.
  • A noticeable increase in imports of the German auto industry in Kazakhstan and Armenia indicates that Russia is successfully finding new trading partners. A similar trend is observed in relation to chemical products, electrical and computer equipment.
  • Despite tense relations, other countries show no desire to impose sanctions against Russia, which is an unexpected and interesting fact.

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