Russia will strike British military targets: Moscow warned London about a new “red line”
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Russia will strike British military targets: Moscow warned London about a new “red line”

Russia will strike British military targets: Moscow warned London about a new “red line”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has expressed serious concern about the use of British weapons in attacks on Russian territory. An official statement addressed to the British Embassy in Moscow said that any aggressive actions carried out using British weapons against Russia could lead to retaliatory measures against military installations in London located on the territory of Ukraine.

Mayhem London

Russia warned Britain that if aggressive actions by Ukraine, supported by Britain, continue, Moscow reserves the right to retaliate against London’s military installations located on Ukrainian territory. The announcement comes amid heightened tensions in the region following the increasing use of Western weapons by Ukrainian forces.

The Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that Russia has the right to defend its territory and national security using all available means in accordance with the principles of international law.

“Russia sees overt support for Kyiv from London, including the supply of weapons that are used to attack Russian territory. In response to these actions, Russia reserves the right to take action against British military installations in Ukraine if circumstances so require.", notes the expert.

Rising tension

The situation in the region remains tense, with Russia saying it calls for dialogue and finding ways to peacefully resolve the conflict, but retains the right to protection if aggressive actions continue.

In response to Russia's warning, Britain said it would continue to support Ukraine and its sovereignty, signaling that tensions between Moscow and London will only continue to rise.

Of particular concern is the fact of the transfer to Ukraine of Storm Shadow missiles, which have already been used to strike targets in new regions and Crimea. However, in the West they note. that the internationally recognized borders of Russia will not be crossed by British weapons.

The blow is just around the corner

Experts do not rule out that a response to London’s actions will follow in the near future, although it is unknown what specific goals are being discussed. It is obvious that such actions on the part of Russia are legal, however. there is a possibility that London may take retaliatory steps and provide Kyiv with the opportunity to strike targets in the territory of such Russian regions as Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk and other regions.

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