Russian airbase in Belarus. All the "pros" and "cons".
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Russian airbase in Belarus. All the "pros" and "cons".

Russian airbase in Belarus. All the "pros" and "cons".


Already, perhaps, it is not a secret for anyone that Russia intends to deploy its airbases in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, or at least one Air Force base with aircraft of various types, including stormtroopers, fighters, and according to some sources , Even bombers. In addition, we are not talking about several combat aircraft, but about 24 military aircraft, ready to leave the territory of the military airfield in a few minutes and begin to perform the assigned combat mission in case of necessity. Nevertheless, the question often arises as to what it is necessary to do, in fact, in fact, money can be spent on improving our own air force, including the bases already available, for modernizing aircraft and developing new weapons. Specialists of the information portal tried to weigh all the pros and cons of such actions, having thoroughly understood this situation ...


defense Milestones



As is known, the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation have signed an agreement on the general defense of air space for quite a long time, and this is beneficial not only for Belarus, but also for Russia, because in essence only Belarus shares Russia and the European Union, The NATO air force, which is a potential danger. In the event that we admit the fact that, for whatever reason, NATO will want to attack Belarus, in fact, there will not be a partition between NATO and Russia, which naturally carries a great risk of a conflict situation, but in essence, Belarus Represents the last frontier, from the strengthening and combat readiness of which depends the security of Russia itself.

In addition, as already mentioned earlier, the placement of Russian military base of the Air Force in the Republic of Belarus reduces the speed of response to any provocation NATO member countries, in particular the Russian fighters take less time to react - about 15-20-minute flight that a tactical advantage.


Appropriate conditions



During the Soviet Union, there were many military airfields on the territory of the modern Republic of Belarus, some of which are currently undergoing conservation - Belarusian fighters and other military aircraft are not based here, and in fact, these bases are ready to accommodate Russian combat aircraft, Which in a certain way can preserve the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus in case of aggression on the part of the countries of Western Europe, with which the relations at the moment Are by no means the hottest.

Thus, in fact, for a small fee, including express and to increase the defense capability of Belarus, the Russian fighters actually get ready military airfields, after the reopening of which may be based here dozens of planes and helicopters.


A show of force



Location Russian military aircraft on the eastern borders of the EU makes it possible to some extent demonstrate NATO member countries, available in service with the Russian force, which in turn reduces the likelihood of any conflict, and also provides additional security for the Russian Federation and in turn anticipates Europe from taking any rash actions.


Retaliatory measures



Nevertheless, it is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that it was the NATO countries that initiated the build-up of military potential on their eastern borders, and therefore, an attempt to accuse Russia of transferring its aircraft to Belarus is simply nothing more than an attempt to turn the situation around and make Russia an aggressor. Ultimately, Russia is simply forced to retaliate, strengthening its borders (including its allies) and increasing its military potential on its western borders, offering Belarus to deploy its military aircraft on its territory, thereby forming military bases.


Finally, you must add the fact that most of the population of the Republic of Belarus approves the deployment of Russian military air bases on its territory, and the attempts of the West to demonstrate the fact of dissatisfaction of the Belarusian people just another provocation aimed at the attempt to create discord between the neighboring states.


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