Russian airlines are asking for help
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Russian airlines are asking for help

Russian airlines are asking for help


 The news appeared that the largest Russian airlines turned to D. Medvedev for help. Currently, the airline industry is experiencing serious financial difficulties, and air carriers are asking for state guarantees for further funding.


 Difficult political situation, exchange rate growth. The decline in the growth of international traffic, the steady increase in prices for jet fuel. The transition to the winter schedule: all these factors significantly affected the financial well-being of airlines. Airlines always fly in debt. And if the volume of passenger traffic drops sharply, and suppliers demand a return of debts, or significantly increase the cost of their services, all this will lead the company to bankruptcy. The carriers did not request direct financing of their activities from the prime minister. It was about state guarantees for loans from banks, which increasingly began to refuse airlines in large loans. Another serious difficulty for carriers is that all domestic payments in the country are made in rubles, and for the leasing of aircraft, the service at foreign airports is calculated in euros or dollars. Due to the sharp fall of the ruble companies are suffering huge losses. The situation was complicated by the bankruptcy of many tour operators who did not cover their debts to the airlines.




 Of course, top managers of large Russian companies do not comment on this appeal to the government, the recognition of their financial problems can badly affect the company's reputation, and as a result, new losses.


 Now the press commented on the actions of the government to rescue the largest Russian carrier UTair. UTair is known to be among the top three leaders of the country's air travel, but it has at this stage a very serious problem. According to RIA Novosti, are now considered two main options for the salvation of the third-largest carrier. First-transmission control of airlines AeroflotAnd the second-issue state guarantees for a large loan.

utair + aeroflot

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 The first option means the actual nationalization of the company, its business. In the second version, well-known Russian carriers insist. Of course, the airlines themselves do not sit with folded arms. They continue to optimize their activities. This and cost reduction, removal from circulation of obsolete technology, the purchase of new, economical aircraft, in particular SJS-100That, of course, supported by the government. But among the measures taken by the companies, unfortunately, be considered and such as personnel cuts and the abandonment of loss-making routes. Given that almost every airline there are many subsidized routes, losses are borne by the popular resort and international routes, reducing traffic on the past, impact on the closing of unprofitable flights.


 All of the above may result in

major changes in all Russian air transportation market.

 And we, as usual, have to prepare our wallets

by the additional cost of air tickets has risen in price.

 May the money be with us!


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