Russia against the West
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Russian arms against the West

Russian arms against the West


It is difficult to say what caused the activation of a special Russian arms development, but recently, there are many reports about the latest achievements in this field. And recent events in the Middle East, it seems to me, I have become a catalyst for further work in this direction.

Probably all this designed, prospective concept of development of the Russian army, weapons and technology. And according to reports, not only military, but also in civil areas of the aviation industry. Also accelerated the development of industries operating in the defense industry (defense industry), and the sanctions imposed against Russia, and the orientation of the country of import substitution. Whatever it was, corporations, working in the military sector, actively develop new equipment, upgrade existing models.

Concern "Radio-electronic technology '(KRET, is a" Rostec "), this year announced a new, revolutionary form of weaponry. According to the experts group, the latest electronic warfare system, capable to disable all kinds of weapons of the enemy. The complex will be completely block navigation, radar, connected devices throughout the frequency range applies. Vladimir Mikheev, an adviser to the first deputy head of the group, said that the device can be based on any type of media, air, land and sea.

According to indirect data, probably now the weapon passes field tests.

Another very interesting development of the Research Institute of "Screen" (included in the group KRET), allowing all aircraft to defend against any attack. On-board defense system "President-S", can withstand surface-to-air missile, artillery systems, guided missiles "Air-air". The container with the equipment can be placed inside the body of the aircraft, and the outer suspensions.


As Igor Nasenkov, the first deputy director general of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern, one of the TV channels, said, they are now ready to equip almost all civilian aircraft with the complexes. According to him, the concern will only need time to adapt the complex to each specific type of aircraft. "President-C" automatically detects a threat, determines the degree of its danger and exposes active electronic interference. If the Russian government deems it necessary, for the safety of flights of our ships, the installation of such a complex, the concern is already ready to begin work on re-equipment.

Similar devices are already being installed on military transport aviation (military transport aviation) aircraft, on helicopters Mi-28 «Night Hunter" и Ka-52 «Alligator».

In general, judging by everything, the concern "Radioelectronic Technologies" has entered the leading positions in the market of military electronics. For example, thanks to him PAK FA became an 100% digital aircraft. PAK FA is equipped with a free-of-charge inertial navigation system (BINS), a complex of EIB "Himalaya" and the newest radar with the ability to work not only in the front hemisphere. It was possible to obtain circular information about the air situation without maneuvering the aircraft. Of course, the details of the on-board systems are not disclosed, but, according to individual statements, it is clear that such equipment without strains can be called "breakthrough".

According to estimates not only of domestic military experts, the electronic warfare systems developed by the defense industry of the Russian Federation, air defense systems, as well as new Russian aviation radars, have no analogues in the world. This is a matter of serious concern to the NATO military. And the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces of Russia only confirm their worst fears. 


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