Russian Technology State University named after KE Tsiolkovsky VPO "MOTHER"
Russian Technology State University named after KE Tsiolkovsky VPO "MOTHER"

Russian Technological State University named after Tsiolkovsky K.E. FGBOU HPE "MATI" 



Higher educational institution in Moscow. The university was named after the famous Russian scientist Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky.

In October 2007, the Moscow Technological Aviation Institute (MATI) celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary, and on October 3, the President of the Russian Federation (at that time it was Vladimir Putin) officially announced gratitude to the Russian Technological State University “... for a huge contribution to the development of higher education , science and training of capable specialists ... ".

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67,4 percent of the teachers of the higher education institution hold doctoral and candidate degrees. Also, there are corresponding members and full members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, members of foreign Academy of Sciences and public Russian Academies of the Russian Federation. A significant part of associate professors and professors are former MATI graduates.

As of the year 2011 the number of the teaching staff was 1163 people, including with academic degrees and titles 784.

The MATI in 2010 / 11 academic year there were more than 9,5 thousand students, including 7 thousand at full-time. Of these, about two thousand trained on a paid contract basis. In person and in absentia had learned about a thousand students on correspondence about five hundred.

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MATI has strong ties with some foreign universities and scientific institutions in the field of education, conducting scientific research, establishing personnel exchanges, joint establishment and approval of teaching materials. Every year, more than three hundred foreign students and specialists from seventeen states are trained here, including South Korea, Holland, Great Britain, the Union of Myanmar, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Successfully at MATI young scientists have defended their dissertations from Taiwan and South Korea, Germany, Sweden, Nepal, Vietnam and other countries.

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The scientific international activity of the university is associated with the implementation of scientific international projects with the South Korean ANSAN Technopark, the British-Russian-Iranian Technological University named after Tusi H. N., the Thai metallurgical center, the French higher engineering school Arts et Métiers ParisTech and the Delft Technical University.


The composition and structure of the university


MATI - Tsiolkovsky K.E. Russian Technological State University includes:

  • twelve departments (including the Department of Military Training) and 58 departments;
  • on the basis of "Salyut" FSUE NPTs Gas Turbine Engineering there is an Institute for the training of experts in engine building;
  • Aerospace University for Expert Training on the basis of MV Khrunichev State Research and Production Center;
  • Interdisciplinary Institute for Advanced Studies;
  • British-Russian aerospace school "Kingston University - MATI";
  • Engineering School of Safety and Environment;
  • Scientific and educational - industrial complex;
  • Technopark titled "New Technologies";
  • Medical-Engineering Center "MATI-Medtekh";
  • Research and Training Center "MATI-certificate";
  • Military Training Center of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense;
  • Methodical-educational association of higher education institutions of the Russian Federation on education in the field of coatings and materials, materials technology (ULV ITLOS);
  • Sectoral interuniversity research and training center "New methods of technogenic safety";
  • Parachuting Club "Ariel" (inter-university student);
  • Business Education Center applied;
  • Center for advanced training and retraining of teachers working in engineering universities.


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