Russian-Chinese aircraft and the Russian-Chinese helicopter: a co-production
Russian-Chinese aircraft and the Russian-Chinese helicopter: a co-production

Russian-Chinese and Russian aircraft-Chinese helicopter: a co-production

In recent years, is gaining tremendous momentum of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of aviation. This is due primarily to the fact that China is seeking to create the most cheap airplanes, but this requires a corresponding development, and therefore the choice falls on Russia. A typical example of cooperation are Russian-Chinese helicopter и Russian-Chinese planeDevelopment and construction of which is currently engaged in and engineers of the two countries.

Russian-Chinese helicopter

Work on the creation of superheavy Russian-Chinese helicopter already underway in full swing, but all the features of the new air machines were not disclosed. However, it is known that the new helicopter should become the largest helicopter in the world - its size, according to conservative ideas have to be twice as large than the giant Mi-26. It is assumed, however, these data are not officially confirmed that superheavy Russian-Chinese helicopter able to lift up to 80 tons of payload. Note that even a helicopter as an Mi-26 can has a maximum take-off weight of "only" in 56 tonnes, with the mass of the air car is more than 28 tons.

Information about Russian-Chinese helicopter not so much, however, it is assumed that the air vehicle can be used in civil aviation, and the military, for example, to move military equipment, landing, etc. However, it should be noted that the cost of making the helicopter is estimated at 40-45 million, which is essentially not so much. Before the Russian-Chinese helicopter opened a variety of perspectives, for example, it will be indispensable for moving huge loads, for example for the same construction to prevent emergencies, etc.

Russian-Chinese plane

Another very interesting joint project between China and Russia is the creation of wide-body passenger aircraft, which should be an excellent replacement for a number of obsolete aircraft engines. Again, this project is very secret, but it is already known that the plane will allow on your stir aboard about 300-400 passengers, but its main advantage should be economical consumption of fuel and high reliability.

The very development of Sino-Russian aircraft began in 2012 year, and, according to the agreement, Russia will introduce Chinese colleagues drawings and design, and by the creation of wide-body aircraft will be engaged in the Chinese aircraft manufacturers. It is expected that this cooperation will significantly reduce the cost of creating a new project, and in the future it may carry enormous potential.

Nevertheless, Russian-Chinese plane It can not appear before 2023 years, but given the scale of the project, we can assume that in less than 10 years we will see an incredibly large and at the same time a reliable airplane that can fly up to 20 thousand kilometers without additional refueling.

At the moment nothing is known about the type of construction of the Russian-Chinese aircraft, but there are rumors that the airliner will be able to work with most of the existing airports in the world - a special increase in runways is not required. As for the basic safety systems of aircraft, there is a real know-how technology that consists in the fact that in case of aircraft crash, fuel in its tanks can not ignite - a special reagent will be allocated to tanks with fuel, which will allow for shares Seconds to turn aviation fuel into a non-combustible composition.

Through the joint efforts of Russian and Chinese aircraft manufacturers can make to the aircraft promising new technologies that are definitely needed in the near future.