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The growth of international and domestic airlines in China

The growth of international and domestic airlines in China


Experts of Airbus plans a significant increase in domestic traffic, which will enable China to become a global leader in the next 10 years.

The rapid development of transportation on domestic flights in China, will require further more 5300 new passenger and cargo aircraft for a period of 2014 2033 year, the total market value 820 billion. Dollars. It is about 17% of the world's total demand for aircraft in the amount of more than 31000 20 units in the coming years.

According to Airbus for a period of 2014-2033 year, China's need for aircraft to reach 5363 units, units of single-aisle airliners chisle3567, 1477 319 units and midsize wide-body models.

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China will become the leader in air transport of passengers and cargo on domestic and international routes, due to the fact that the growth rate of passenger traffic exceeds that of other countries.

Domestic air travel in China will become the number one in the world in the coming years 10. The rapid growth in the number of aircraft will allow China, ahead of the US in 2033 year the number of passengers and in terms of income per passenger-kilometer in 1 2027 year. Anticipating that the average annual growth in domestic passenger traffic will increase by 7.1%, with the greatest possible growth of 8.3%. In 2033 year, the Chinese market will account for air 11.9% of the total traffic.

Intensively developing international transportation, opened new airlines, expanding the list of cities available for Chinese airlines. Forecasted growth in traffic on 8.1% per year, with the growth of the Asian market to 7.5%.

Routes between cities in China and the United States give the annual increase in passenger traffic to 6.6%, and the cities of Western Europe -5.6%.

On the domestic airline Air China's passenger traffic has increased in recent times 4 10 years.

A growing proportion of the Airbus aircraft in the general park of Chinese companies. On aircraft with the number of installed seats over 100, accounts for more than 50% produced by Airbus in 2013 year.

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The dynamic development of the air fleet due to the steady growth of the Chinese economy. Average annual economic growth in China is projected at 7.4% in the period of 2013 2023 year. China will become a country with the largest economy in the world 2023 year, GDP will be 19% of the global total.

There is an active migration of rural people to the cities, while the strong growth of cities. In 2013, the share of the urban population accounts or 54 711% mln. People of the total population.

The average salary in China in recent years has grown into the 10 5 times and will continue to increase, due to the continuing policy of the country's leadership on the redistribution of national income in favor of ordinary workers.
Airbus has an active policy in the implementation of its products - with the number of aircraft seats set up on the 100 500, strengthening close cooperation with Chinese companies.