Hair growth on the plane:-founded myths

Hair growth on the plane:-founded myths

There are a number of interesting myths about how to flights by plane can affect the human body, and a typical example of this is, we can say a whole legend, which states that hair growth in the plane greatly accelerated. Of course, such statements are unfounded, otherwise they simply no one would seriously consider.

There is a very funny, but at the same time, a fact that proves that hair growth on the plane really it is more intense than when a person is on the ground. It showed a very long time - even during the Second World War, when the military pilots before embarking on missions carefully shaved, and a few hours later returned with obvious signs of bristles. Of course, hair growth in the plane too obvious not name, but according to the data, about 2-3 hours of flight accelerates their normal growth in 1.5-2 times. However, this mysterious myth found several official pronouncements, which perfectly complement each other, and at the same time play a separate role.

  1. It is believed that the human body during flight experiences some stress, which leads to faster metabolism, and at the same time, the rapid uptake of the body, whereby hair growth in the plane greatly accelerated. Moreover, it should be stressed, and it is obschedokazannym fact, a person can often feel quite calm, but on a subconscious level, the body receives all the factors, as a result, stress is still the place to be. This clarification is perfect for those times when we are talking about relatively safe air travel on civilian airliners, which is quite cozy and comfortable.
  2. It is believed that during the flight the plane, significantly increased internal pressure, which leads to accelerated growth of hair. Such pressure has no effect on human health, but can also affect some parts of his body or the processes taking place in it, for example the same hair growth in the plane.

However, there are a number of supporters of the opposite opinion, believing that hair growth in the plane an accelerated pace, this is just fiction and nothing more. However, be that as it may, the opponents can not prove otherwise generally accepted facts, and until that happens, we can consider this a myth that hair growth in the plane It is more likely, rather than on the ground, fully justified.

Going again in flight, try to check whether hair growth in the plane It is true.

Conclusion, of course, the top ... Have you ever heard of the burden of proof? Just as long as the myth is not confirmed, it will remain a myth. And to prove his truthfulness should be his supporters, not skeptics. He's justified, huh ...