RQ-3 DarkStar
RQ-3 DarkStar

RQ-3 DarkStar 

RQ 3 Darkstar - UAV, which is developed by Lockheed Martin Corp. and Boeing. In 1994 the consortium in their part of the project began developing a secret drone program for Tier III Minus. In the spring of the year 1996 recorded its first flight. Height was 2000 m. It has successfully completed a flight from launch to landing, using GPS (global navigation system). RQ 3 able to fly at speeds of 463 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 13716 925 m distance away. The flight may last longer 8 hours.

During the development of Darkstar technology was used "stealth", which allows you to penetrate unnoticed through the enemy's systems. The UAV is equipped with an electron-optical sensor and an aperture grille radar. UAV produces digital data transmission in contrast to the predecessors who used the film. A division of the corporation Lockheed was engaged in the installation and manufacture of the fuselage. Due to budget cuts, the program was closed at the end of 1999. A total of 4 UAVs were manufactured. 

RQ-3 DarkStar. Characteristics:

Modification   RQ-3
Wingspan, m   21.03
Length m   4.57
Height, m   1.06
The width of the fuselage, m   3.66
Maximum take-off weight, kg   3855
engine's type   1 TRD Williams-Rolls FJ44-1A
Thrust, kgf   X 1 862
Cruising speed, km / h   463
Practical range, km   925
Practical ceiling, m   13716


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