RQ-7 Shadow
RQ-7 Shadow

RQ-7 Shadow

One of the most prominent and successful American-made UAVs can be called a machine RQ-7 Shadow, which was developed and manufactured by AAI Corporation.

The complex RQ-7 Shadow

  • Ground control station, which is mounted on the chassis of an army vehicle Hummer.

  • 4 the aircraft.

  • Launcher hydraulic type, which is set in the trailer.

  • A terminal for transmitting and receiving data.

All this is housed on 6 vehicles and to transport air used three aircraft of type C-130. The machine RQ-7 Shadow is a major competitor in the lead car Predator. Yet RQ-7 has more advantages, first of all he does not need an airfield as a different model, and most importantly, that this device is much cheaper than analog. That is why the US Army in the year purchased 2003 9 such complexes, on what was spent only 99 million.

The aircraft RQ-7 Shadow is made in the normal aerodynamic scheme with a fuselage made up of two longitudinal beams. Flying provides a push-type screw. This UAV has dvuhkilevoe plumage. The tail portion is formed in a V-shaped pattern. For convenience in transporting device made detachable wings. The power plant is represented rotary engine.

It was developed three variants of the UAV RQ-7 Shadow, which is designated as 600-I, 400-200-I and I model. Each of them is specialized in performing specific tasks. Thus, RQ-7 Shadow 200 used to support infantry and lets you see everything that happens on the battlefield. 400-I model is designed to perform maritime operations, with the machine can take off with both the land and the ship. Complex 600-th model, known as UAV Pioneer, distinguished by high duration of the flight without landing.

Payload UAV RQ-7 Shadow

  • Review of the optical system or the infrared type.

  • Radar, which is synthesized with the aperture may also be mounted selector for moving targets.

  • The repeater radio.

  • Pointer.

  • Laser range finder type.

  • The multispectral camera.

The main way of landing the RQ-7 Shadow is an airplane type, but it requires a fairly large band, since the device weighs several hundred kilograms. To fit the model in the standard configuration requires a strip the length of a football field. To do this, the designers installed auxiliary braking systems, while landing on the deck, a brake hook or net is used. As for take-off, it can be carried out on an aircraft type, and in the absence of a runway, a hydraulic-type launcher is used. 

RQ-7 Shadow. Characteristics:

Modification   RQ-7A
Wingspan, m   3.89
Length m   3.40
Height, m   0.91
Weight, kg  
  empty   75
  takeoff   149
engine's type   1 PD AR-741
Power, hp   X 1 38
Maximum speed km / h   227
Cruising speed, km / h   120-156
Practical range, km   125
The duration of the flight, ch.min   5
Practical ceiling, m   4570


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